Former Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, the Hon Harold Lovell says that the current economic crisis has to be met with continued vision and willingness on the part of Caribbean leaders to adapt to meet the dynamic changes that are taking place in the global marketplace. According to Minister Lovell  the region should be ready to embrace innovative and creative strategies in the face of stormy economic times.

” We will be able to meet these times with resilience as we continue to engage in meaningful dialogue and chart a common vision of growth and above all, a willingness to adapt and change to meet these new challenges in global tourism” Minister Lovell said.  “During my tenure as CTO Chairman, I benefited from the clarity of vision and collaboration among Caribbean leaders and the private sector in the administration of my duties, and I am indebted to my ministerial colleagues and staff for their unstinting support in my term of office.”

The former CTO Chairman noted that the spirit of cooperation and partnership between the public and private sectors in the region was invaluable in realising significant gains in the region’s visibility and global competitiveness.  He encouraged the regional tourism community to continue to strengthen these bonds of cooperation and to work together to forge a common vision for growth.

 ” As a region  we should continue to seek answers as to how we can  add value to our products and attractions, we must continue to exploit new markets and find new ways to distinguish and enhance our brand as we meet the challenges of the future.  I am confident that as a region we have the creative resources and commitment to achieve success.  I am also assured that the CTO and the new Chairman, Minister John Maginley will capably continue to provide innovative and creative leadership for the region’s tourism sector.” 

 The Hon Harold Lovell served as Minister of Tourism in Antigua from March 2004 and was appointed Chairman of the CTO in October 2008.  He now holds the position of Minister of Finance, the Economy and Public Administration in Antigua.

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