Nude Rihanna Photos Apparently Leaked

OS ANGELES, CA, Mon. May 11, 2009: The record label of Bajan pop star Rihanna, is reportedly readying to do legal battle over nude photos believed to be of the singer that were posted on the Internet Friday.

Seven photos appeared on Friday. Two apparently are of Rihanna’s face, while four of the pictures featured various body shots of a semi-nude woman suspected to be her. The woman’s face is not visible in the nude photos and a third photo of Rihanna head-to-knee reflected in a bathroom mirror with a message of `I love you` scrawled on it.

All seven shots seem to be self-taken in the same white bathroom and bedroom area.

The four shots that do not include Rihanna’s head in them include two of a bare bottom as seen reflected in a mirror, one of a dark lacquer-nailed hand squeezing a bottom and a photo of an undressed torso from a reflection in a mirror. One breast is pierced and pink Nike towel is flung over a shoulder hiding the other.

Lawyers at Def Jam, have asked via a letter, to remove the pictures, calling the photos a violation of `the artist’s rights,` said

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