pm_skerrit_presents_cheque_to_tete_morne_village_council_may_2009.jpgRoseau, Dominica – May 11, 2009…….. Prime Minister and Minister for Finance and Social Security, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit presented a cheque for $127,000 for the completion of the resource centre at Tete Morne at the twelfth Inaugural Meeting of the Tete Morne Village Council held recently.  

In his remarks at the Inaugural Meeting, the Prime Minister was full of praise for the Chairperson of the Tete Morne Village Council, Ms. Sharmane Mark Dickson for the manner in which she accounted for government funds in the  ongoing construction of the resource centre in the community.

“I am extremely impressed with the Chairperson of the Tete Morne Village Council. I will tell you also  I received a report on how the $200,000 was spent, that is in respect to the resource centre, and this was one of the most comprehensive and detailed reports that I have received from any village council anywhere in Dominica. And that report was put together by the chairperson,       Mrs. Dickson and I am very  comforted to know that within the Council you have people who are prepared to work and to improve the livelihood of the people of Tete Morne and the surrounding communities, ” the Prime Minister stated.

It is expected that the additional amount of $127,000 will ensure the completion of the resource centre.

The Prime Minister also pledged the sum of $40,000 ECD for the completion of drainage and roadworks in the community.

Tete Morne has also benefitted from Government’s housing revolution programme. The          Prime Minister promised that more monies would be made available for housing repairs and renovation once the monies given to the Grand Bay Council have been fully utilized.

Hon. Skerrit also announced an expansion of his government’s school bus programme to include the children of Tete Morne. With effect from May 31st 2009, the one hundred and thirty-seven (137) students from Tete Morne who attend the Pierre Charles Secondary School will be transported free of charge to school.

Meanwhile the eight councillors of the new Tete Morne Village Council are Sharmane Mark Dickson(Chairperson), Gilbert Angol, Raymond Laurent, Milbert Bellot, Roy Elie, James Jolly, Leandra Robin and Merlanda Mark.

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