Roseau, Dominica – June 29, 2009……. In a barnstorming address at the Delegates Conference of the governing Dominica Labour Party recently, Party Leader and Prime Minister, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit, told delegates that despite the economic challenges of the last four years and the current global economic and financial crisis, the economy has performed well under his leadership.

“There is much I wish to say to you in respect of the performance and accomplishments of your Labour Government over the past four years. This has been a period of unprecedented challenges and adversity. A government of lesser might, talent and resourcefulness could have buckled under the strain. But, we have prevailed!,” said Prime Minister Skerrit to hundreds of supporters in the eastern village of La Plaine.


The Prime Minister pointed to the resilience of the economy in the face of an unprecedented global financial crisis.


“We have managed to keep the engines of production in this country well oiled and running. We survived the worst energy crisis in recent memory. We are holding our own during the worst global economic depression known to 90 percent of living souls. We are battling with and overcoming adversity associated with a decline in global travel, a fall in demand for our export products and a reduction in foreign direct investment due to circumstances not of our making. These are testing and turbulent times, Comrades and Friends, but your Labour Government is unflinching,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated.


The Prime Minister also emphasised that not a single Dominican has been sent home in the past four years “because of our inability to pay a wage or salary”.


“Not a major project undertaken by this administration has been started and stopped, or shelved because of our failure to finance that which we said we could and would have delivered. No major social service has been discontinued or considerably scaled back because of our inability to support and enfranchise the less fortunate. We have persevered through very trying circumstances without imposing heavy doses of taxation.”


With the presentation of the 2009/2010 National Budget weeks away, the            Prime Minister further stated. “In this upcoming budget, I will not ask more of you than you can reasonably bear. I will not affix a burden to those whom I know cannot carry the load. I am not saying there will not be requests for sacrifices, but I will once again temper justice with mercy. I will once again resist any recommendation to reverse the progress that has been made or to undermine the standard of living and the quality of life of our people,” Prime Minister Skerrit concluded.


Addresses at the Delegates Conference were also delivered by Hon. Charles Savarin, Minister for Public Utilities, Energy and Ports, Hon. Peter David, Minister for Tourism and Foreign Affairs of Grenada and Hon. Christopher Sinckler, Minister for Social Care, Barbados.


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