Contracts awarded to two local firms



Roseau, Dominica – July 07, 2009……. The implementation of the Waitukubuli National Trail Project (WNTP) has reached an important phase with the signing recently of a Service Contract for verification and design of Pedestrian bridges/crossings and a Works contract for construction of a wood workshop.

Two local firms have been awarded the contracts to undertake activities related to the implementation of the Waitukubuli National Trail Project.


A service contract was awarded to Transnational Engineering Company to undertake the verification and the design of pedestrian crossings along the entire trail.  The first phase of this consultancy involves the design of the pedestrian crossings/bridges to include development of terms of reference for the supply and installation of these crossings/bridges. 


The second phase of this consultancy will be the supervision of the installation of the crossings/bridges once a firm has been contracted.  The first phase of this contract is expected to be undertaken over the next three months while the second phase will be undertaken during the installation of the crossings.  The total cost of the contract is approximately XCD 600,000.


A works contract was awarded to Mr. Augustus Parker to construct a wood workshop at Jimmit.  The wood workshop is being constructed to facilitate the development of ancillary facilities which will be erected along the entire trail.  The Wood workshop is expected to be constructed over the next eight weeks at an estimated cost of $260,000. 


The Programme Management Unit of the WNTP recently procured equipment for the wood workshop with the assistance of its partners in Martinique.  Four persons including staff of the Forestry Division have already been trained in Martinique to operate the equipment.  It is expected that these persons will be employed at the wood workshop to construct the ancillary facilities.


The WNTP is being implemented with resources from the European Union Special Framework of Assistance (SFA) for application year 2003 and is being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in partnership with the  Regional Council of Martinique. Implementation of the three-year project began in 2007.


For more information please contact:

Mrs. Yvanette Baron-George (Project Manager/WNTP)

Waitukubuli National Trail

Project Management Unit, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Hodges Lane, Roseau

Dominica (upstairs of Issa Trading in the vicinity of the Grand Bay bus stop)

Telephone: (767) 266-3593

Fax: (767) 440-6123


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