Government of Dominica Provides More Resources to Police Force as Thirty-Five Recruits Begin Trainin

Roseau, Dominica – July 24, 2009…….Thirty-five (35) recruits have begun a sixth month training programme to become Police Officers. The thirty (30) males and five (5) females started their training at the Police Training School at Morne Bruce on July 15, 2009.

It is expected that the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force will increase its complement to four hundred and thirty-four (434) after the 35 recruits have successfully completed their training programme. This will be the highest number of Police Officers in the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force in a very long time.

The Police Force will be better equipped to fulfil is mandate when the thirty-five recruits have successfully completed their training.

The Government of Dominica remains committed to providing the resources the Police Force needs to execute its functions effectively.

For more information, contact:

Mr. Cyrille Carette
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Acting)
Police Headquarters
Bath Road
Commonwealth of Dominica
Tel: (767) 266-5152

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