Venezuela – plane crash update

Venezuela Plane crashThe ConViasa airplane that crashed in Venezuela earlier today was carrying 51 people, 47 passengers, and 4 crew-members.

Updated reports count fourteen dead, thirty-three rescued and four are still missing. The survivors have been sent to area hospitals their condition unknown. Rescue efforts for the four missing are difficult due to the amount of wreckage.

The airplane was en route to Puerto Ordaz from the island of Margarita a popular international tourist spot when it crashed on the property of the state-run Sidor steel foundry. There was no one working at the plant at the time of the accident.

Officials suspect the cause of the accident was due to the pilot losing control of the aircraft, a fact the pilot reported to the control tower.

The state airline, Consorcio Venezolano de Industrias Aeronauticas y Servicios Aeros SA, began operations in 2004 with routes to many Venezuelan cities, Argentina and Dominica.

This is the second accident in Venezuela in two years. In February 2008, a Santa Barbara Airlines with 46 passengers on board crashed against a mountain killing all passengers aboard.

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