Re: 2010 Elections and Term Limitations

On 9/19/2010 11:33 AM, Philipson Dobson wrote: Good luck to DAAS and its leadership,. The perception of trust is a had core one. The perception of loyalty and history of deviant behaviour  is difficult to get over, it will always be there and even across the table. Friends, Trust cannot be bought, it must be earned and for trust to be earned you have to clean up the cobwebs. When Saddam Hussein requested of his brother in law to return to Iraq, after he fled of accussing Saddam of corruption, dictatoship etc..he promised him  many things including his hands, heart and trust. As far as Saddam was concerned as a tryant is that anyone who has betrayed me, spoke against me, and not with  me is my enemy and further anyone who questions me about my leadeship and running of the country is a traitor to me. Even overseas Iraqies who spoke out Saddam condemned and defied. Two weeks later Saddam`s brother in law was executed.dead etc. He went out with the hand, and to trust and he got the bullet. Just to say the bullet comes in many different ways.  Unless the leadership iof Domininca is cleaned, transpaent, accountable, trusted with peoples money, account for what has been stolen, there will always be suspicious looks across the table……and not much trust, no matter how much one would also support those who call for it. Our style of government is not one that seeks that kind of dual relationship. Our governemnt lacks maturity, leadeship and visionary towards sustainable development. God BLess Dominica PD

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