FW: Lennox Linton’s Expose

I have been noting your numerous pot shots at me and what I do voluntarily in the interest of advancing the causes of truth, righteousness and justice in Dominica. The most recent of these persistent attempts to ridicule and denigrate me came on Sunday 10th October, 2010:

“Then we have Matt Peltier and Lennox Linton’s fabricated and twisted accounts of what the truth truly is”.

I ask you Sir, what specifically are these “fabricated and twisted accounts” that you accuse me of? Do you even know me? List a few… or at least one. But for heaven’s sake enough of these dishonest, broad brush accusations to curry favour with your political masters and deceive the unsuspecting victims of gullibility.

As you bask in the obsessive adoration of Skerrit that effectively floats your boat, Dominica is being run by an unrelenting criminal enterprise that specializes in lying, cheating and stealing. Rome is burning Sir… and all you do is fiddle around with fancy, empty, borrowed words on the theme of integrity as part of the Skerrit propaganda machinery that shamelessly defends blatant in-your-face corruption. In the abundance of incontrovertible evidence of unprecedented illicit enrichment by ministers of government in the country you claim to love, you thirst for proof. Are you for real Sir, or is this some sort of sick game that you play from across the miles while we struggle in Dominica to advance our piece of global civilization?

My pro bono work in defending the state against capture by corrupt ministers of government and the criminal elites that they serve, speaks for itself. Indeed, the results are there for those who have not yet declared themselves too blind to see.

For example:

in 2008, two Ministers of government conspired to plunder 618 thousand dollars from the treasury on the purchase of garbage bins from the brother of one of these ministers in Pennsylvania. I caught them in the act and blew the whistle and pursued a forceful crusade for justice. They refunded 425 thousand dollars. Again I cried foul and insisted that the remaining 193 thousand dollars should be refunded as well alongside prosecution for the crime of theft as would have happened anywhere else in the civilized world. So they refunded a further 132 thousand dollars and I have already served notice that the remaining 61 thousand must be refunded as well. Is there anything Sir, that you have done either individually or with your band of Skerrit defenders that achieved a national benefit of more than half a million dollars at no cost to the state?

No single corruption issue in the public life of Dominica has been more meticulously researched than Skerrit’s ownership of the 8 million dollar Villa Project at Savanne Paille in breach of section 47(1) of the Integrity in Public Office Act. According to that provision of the act:
“A person in public life who is found to be in possession of property or pecuniary resource disproportionate to his legitimate sources of income commits and offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of two thousand dollars and to imprisonment for a term of two years, and to forfeiture of the assets so found”.

Section 47(2) provides that “Where a person, who is or was a person in public life, or any other person on his behalf, is suspected to be in possession of property or pecuniary resource disproportionate to his legitimate sources of income, the Commission shall conduct an inquiry into the source of income of that person”.

And no Sir, I am not a member of the commission and so I have absolutely no knowledge of the reasons behind their action or inaction pursuant to the specific requirements of the legislation.

Here is a little sample of what we know to be truth and fact:

1) The villas were designed for Skerrit by California architect Cynthia Asis-Leif at the request of Supriya Singh who was recruited through Hartley Henry to supervise the construction of the villas for Skerrit
2) Skerrit approved the designs and Asis-Leif was paid for her services by Singh and Henry on behalf of Skerrit
3) Singh did all the overseas sourcing of materials for the villas, provided Skerrit with regular updates on the construction of the villas and was paid by Skerrit for her services
4) Evidence in authentic email correspondence (spanning more than three years) between members of SKerrit’s Villa project team (Hartley Henry, Supriya Singh, Renneth Alexis and Stephen Isidore) confirm that they all functioned under a directive to hide the truth of Skerrit’s ownership from the public.

I know you think that the people you left behind in Dominica are stupid enough to sit patiently and wait on Skerrit to come and admit to them that he is guilty of the crime of holding unaccounted property, and if he does not do that, then the people have no choice but to accept that he has done nothing wrong. To do the right thing and expose his lies, in the face of stark truths, is precisely what counts in your book as “negativity” and “near treason”.

Sell that to the Marines Sir, we have moved on… and something is definitely happening.

“He is coming like the glory of the morning on the wave,
He is wisdom to the mighty, He is succour to the brave,
So the world shall be His footstool and the soul of time his slave,
Our God is marching on…” Julia Ward Howe



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