Taken from The Dominica User Group – Fwd: Attempted Murder of GON Emmanuel

by Lennox Linton:

Gabe, Thomson, FET, Trevor, Jones, Pedro, Citizen’s Forum and other contributors to this thread:

In light of Tony Astaphan’s concern about “outrageous and highly irresponsible” inferences, implications,  and “incendiary allegations without the slightest proof”, I reproduce below a September 2007 transcript of a breaking news item reported to DBS News by Tony Astaphan via telephone from St Vincent.



September 12, 2007


NEWSCASTER EDWARD REGISTE: Senior counsel Tony Astaphan is raising concern over an incident where it is reported that the home of attorney at law Stephen Isidore was broken into last night and his computer stolen. Mr Isidore had prepared land transfers on behalf of the Prime Minister.  Mr. Astaphan views the incident as a striking coincidence in relation to the on-going allegations being made against the Prime Minister.


ANTHONY ASTAPHAN: Last night I received a telephone call from Mr. Stephen Isidore everyone knows he is the attorney at law who prepared the transfers for the Honourable Prime Minister. He indicated to me that on his return from his tribunal hearing his house was broken into and the substantial item stolen was his computer. Money was not stolen… some other items he had in the house were not stolen… the substantial item stolen was his computer. In the midst of the highly partisan attempts to assassinate the prime ministers reputation by certain sectors of the media… that has to strike any rational human being as a striking coincidence. Why amidst all of this turbulence being generated by persons with their own selfish and political agendas is a computer of the attorney at law who prepared the transfers for the Prime Minister stolen? That striking coincidence sends a dangerous sign that if the coincidence has any merit or any link or any substance it means that persons who are willing to see the destruction of the Prime Minister’s reputation, will go by any means necessary, including criminal, to see if they can find any dirt on him.


NEWSCASTER EDWARD REGISTE: Mr Astaphan also fears that his offices along with those of other attorneys associated with the Prime Minister could be subjects to similar incidents:


ANTHONY ASTAPHAN: I think it also sends a warning to the Prime Minister, to Mr. Alick Lawrence and myself and those of us who work with the Prime Minister, that maybe we too… our property and our offices too may be violated in a desperate attempt to try to besmirch and to dirty and to violate the reputation of the Prime Minister… And I think that is dangerous but striking coincidence.


NEWSCASTER EDWARD REGISTE: That was Senior Counsel Tony Astaphan.

“To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice…” Proverbs 21:3

  5 comments for “Taken from The Dominica User Group – Fwd: Attempted Murder of GON Emmanuel

  1. Peter Karam
    December 26, 2010 at 9:11 PM

    Re: Pay DAY has Arrived for Ten minutes.
    Has pay day arrived? Is this all about revenge finally!!! Did u harbour this revenge all those 22 years praying your revenge will be about to florish!! will yu smile at Mr Emanuel in court!!! an say to him u remember when u jailed and incarcerated me for ten minutes in the state’s court prison.

    On August 24, 1988, Emmanuel could take it NO more. Barrister tony astapfan stood before him, ironically defending clients charged for contempt of court. Astaphan, Emmanuel felt,was rude and disrespectful to the court. He cautioned the lawyer. To no avail. The disrespect continued, unabated. Emmanuel felt that he had had enough. He ordered The court’s appointed police officer to DETAIN astaphan and to take him to the majistrate’s court detention jail room, where he was held for TEN MINUTES.

    aghhh all hell broke loose after tony was locked up,Emmanuel stated. Upon being released Astaphan retained Attorney jenner armour, and jeoffrey harris to file a lawsuit against Emmanuel AND the Govt for his “unlawful” and unconsitutional detention. The mattar generated considerable controversy. Emmanuel was confronted by considerable hostility not only from the public, but by many members of the bar.

    you Cannot arrest an astaphan in dominica and get away with it., Emmanuel was told. None of the lawyers stood by me Emmanuel lamented. Emmanuel thought his Goose was cooked.

    he did not know it then but in fact his Goose was cooked. Emmanuel however retained Counsel DR Ralph Gonsalves to represent him Emmanuel in the court action launched by astaphan . Emmanuel later found out that The Eugenia Govt would not censure him, because there had been a previous complaint about astaphan’s conduct in the court room.

    revenge shall be mine says the Devil, revenge is sweet. Woe be unto Emanuel. tony yu good papa.

    Page six The Chronicle, Friday , Devcember 24th, 2010 courtesy. Facing the Storm head on G O N Emanuel.

  2. Gabriel Christian
    December 26, 2010 at 9:16 PM

    Re: Attempted Murder of GON Emmanuel
    Get off Lennox’s back. His only crime is to have compelled a refund to the national treasury of monies taken by from our meager coffers in the now infamous bin bobol. In the aftermath of this attempted murder, answer this.

    Astaphan, did you threaten war if Skerrit had to resign for breaking the law? That is the real question now in the aftermath of an attack on an esteemed jurist such as GON Emmanuel. And if it is true you threatened war, will you now – upon sober reflection-apologize to the nation for uttering such incendiary remarks?

    Tell us: Are you part of the solution or part of Dominica’s problem of escalating lawlessness in high and low places? Remember, you are the senior counsel and shall be held to your rank. You know better.

    We shall await your response until hell freezes over.

    Come on now.

    Gabriel Christian, Esq.

  3. December 27, 2010 at 12:03 AM

    I may be considered a simple minded artist but it stikes me as strange that the learned gentleman after viewing the pics of the burnt car considers Gabe’s statement to be appropriately described as “incendiary”…

  4. December 27, 2010 at 12:07 AM

    that should read “strikes”…a word to the wise…can we tell fire when we see it?

  5. Maureen Paul
    December 28, 2010 at 12:19 AM

    Attempted Murder of GON Emmanuel
    I too find the attempts at rationalising this terrible situation really sickening. Regardless of your political leanings, this attempt on Emmanuel’s life and property shows that things are really escalating. It is an ominous sign of things to come.

    FET, you talk with hope of an arrest being made soon? Please do not hold your breathe. Based on past evidence, I do not expect our police to arrest anyone for this crime. Now, if we were talking about a stolen packet of biscuit, then that would be an entirely different matter.


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