Inside Dominica: Attorney caught red-handed in forgery – II

skirret-astaphanExclusive attorney of rogue administration in Dominica and the most-controversial and dubious Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has been lately caught red-handed, when attorney Anthony Astaphan, fabricated an email and sent the same with the ulterior motive of blackmailing the editor of Weekly Blitz.

On November 12, 2011, hours after publication of the first report on rogue administration in Dominica titled ‘The dubious Prime Minister’, Anthony Astaphan started sending number of emails to Weekly Blitz with extremely offensive and nasty languages, which was basically aimed at frightening the editorial team of the newspaper from publishing further reports on the criminal activities of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

The rogue administration in Dominica became extremely afraid when the case of Prime Minister Skerrit’s holding of dual citizenship was exposed alongside the information of Dominica government’s according citizenship to Dawood Ibarhim’s daughters and son-in-laws. It may be mentioned here that, Dawood Ibrahim is the most wanted mafia don from India, who is hiding in a number of countries, as most of the law enforcing and intelligence agencies in the world are continuing to hunt him.

It may also be mentioned here that, Weekly Blitz has already received several documents and evidences on Roosevelt Skerrit’s nefarious activities after the 9/11 attack on United States and his extremely intimate connections with Iranians as well as Gaddafi regime. Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit continues to provide shelter and refuge to notorious criminals and terrorists from around the world and is actively involved in selling citizenship to all such elements.

Anthony Astaphan was born from Syrian-Lebanese parentage and his parents had extensive connections with Lebanese Hezbollah as well as Palestinian Hamas.

Roosevelt Skerrit’s partner of crimes, Anthony Astaphan sent a forged email on November 12, 2011 at 8:10 AM from astaphana [at] gmail [dot] com to the Weekly Blitz email address, stating, a third person named ‘Khurshid’ demanded money from the Dominica government for extending services of “multiple fold benefit”.

By forging the above mentioned email, Anthony Astaphan tried to blackmail the Weekly Blitz editor with a criminal intention of putting a nasty blame on the newspaper, which is clearly an attempt by Anthony Astaphan to salvage his client, Roosevelt Skerrit and his rogue administration. Such attempt was made by Anthony to scare Weekly Blitz and stop publication of any further report on the rogue administration in Dominica as well as corruption and criminal activities of Roosevelt Skerrit and his cronies.

Right on received the forged email from Anthony Astaphan, Weekly Blitz sent him a reply at 8:17 AM on the same day, asking as to why he [Anthony] has fabricated such nasty email. He was also told that the copy of this email will be retained. Since receiving the violent reaction from Weekly Blitz, Anthony Astaphan has simply gone mum.

It may be mentioned here that, the rogue administration of Roosevelt Skerrit made series of attempts earlier to stop Weekly Blitz from revealing the truth about Skerrit’s series of crimes and mischief. The rogue administration even tried to bribe the Weekly Blitz by offering “trip to Dominica” at Prime Minister’s “own expenses”. Such proposals were made by the “attorney of the government” of Dominica and de facto spokesman for the administration – Anthony Astaphan. Such alluring proposal has greatly helped the editorial board of internationally known award winning newspaper Blitz in understanding the rogue administration in Dominica, which is led by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, a man already facing accusation of violating the constitutional provisions of the country, as well as involved in numerous dubious activities.

Weekly Blitz shall continue to serialize this report and anyone in Dominica are encouraged to send any information or evidence on the corruption, nepotism and crime of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration. All such information may be sent to: ediblitz [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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