OAS conducts drug survey among inmates in Dominica

ROSEAU, Dominica, Aug 8, CMC – Dominican health authorities Wednesday said they are anxiously awaiting the results of a survey done by the Organisation of American States (OAS) and the Inter American Commission on Drug Control, a senior health official has said here.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Johnson said that the two international organisations had just completed the survey “looking at the relationship of drugs and crime here at the state prison where many of you were interviewed.

“I am looking forward to the final report. It is indeed a major concern to the Ministry of Health and the ministry remains committed to support all initiatives aimed at addressing the deadly ill in our society,” he said noting that official figures in 2009 had shown that 214 persons were arrested for drugs use with 209 of them doing marijuana related crimes.

“We still have to do much more to address the drug problem in our society,” he told the ceremony, warning of the detrimental effect alcohol and drug abuse was having on the society.

“I have been advised that many of you are here because of the use and trafficking of drugs. Let me remind you that the cost of the use of illegal drugs and the abuse …far far outweighs any apparent benefits that they are”.

He told the inmates that the social consequences of illegal drugs and the abuse of alcohol include the loss of productivity and the high cost to the health care system.

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