Month: December 2013

Flash floods and landslides impact Dominica

ROSEAU, Dominica — The southern part of the island of Dominica was the most affected by heavy rains and flash flooding on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, resulting in a number of roads blocked and homes damaged.

The southern districts reported a total of 33 landslides or mudslides in the Roseau Valley area and flash flooding caused the temporary blockage of main roads and bridges.

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Economic citizenship in the Caribbean: A threat to Western security?

As cash strapped Caribbean nations continue to hunt for ways of raising revenues amidst the turmoil of the economic crisis facing the world at large, economic citizenship presents an interesting portrait. Deemed controversial from its inception into the Caribbean domain, it now seems that this concept of providing a legal means of individual citizenship to a sovereign state is now anchoring another heated debate in international debates and dialogue.

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