Most Dominicans Need Debriefing

/” Do you know how many people visit DA by air. vs the cost of building and maintaining such a facility. If you have friends in St Kitts, St Lucia/Grenada etc ask them how many flights they get daily?”/ // /Some of our people are so brainwashed, that it will take years of debriefing, to make them live and think normally, perhaps they are so far gone there is no possible way for them to return from the tangled in which they found themselves./ // /Sir, Mr. Avocado, or since you prefer “Zabocca” such question under normal circumstances I would consider trivial; however, since the idea is to communicate, and exchange knowledge, I will do my best to respond in a partially and hopefully sensible way./ // /First of all you cannot rely, or based what is anticipated in Dominica, on what you see is taking place on any of the islands you mentioned. In doing so, you should first ask yourself, if an International Airport is so, expensive to maintain, and is not profitable, how are these islands they told you are struggling for flights manage to maintain them and remain operational?/ // /Secondly, ask yourself, and Dominica Government, if there is something so wrong about building an International Airport in Dominica, so much so, that they allow Ralph Gonzalez to make fools, and a mockery of them all ; and then went to St. Vincent his home country, and build an International Airport which will become operational before the end of the year, why they refuse open their eyes, and that of our people, hence, realizing that there must be something very essential about investing in that part of our infrastructure./ // /Now I have first hand information, as far as Antigua is concern; and I can tell you; had it not been for the International Airport in Antigua, the economy of Antigua would have collapse many times in the seventy’s even to the day Antigua attained its independence!/ // /How do I know that? My former wife Violet Matthew, Antiguan born was an executive civil servant, employed in the Antigua Government Treasury, she had first hand information of that islands financial affairs, she knew when civil servants were not going to be paid on time in any month; she dictated which local merchants got paid for goods and services rendered to the government of Antigua, for more than twenty years. I assure you she told me empathically that without the International Airport in Antigua, that country would have gone bankrupt many times over!/ // /And mind you; Antigua gets more tourist in one day, than Dominica gets in a complete season; so trust me I know what I am talking about; the Airport in Antigua generates more revenue, than the Deepwater Harbor as they call it dose. You see Piper babbling about more people arrive in Dominica by air than by sea, he is correct this time: Because, that is the easiest means of getting to Dominica. The crap talk about transforming Cane Field into this utopia for ships is nonsense. I do not know of any place in Europe, and the Americas, where one can under normal circumstance, go and book their passenger on a passenger boat (ship) destine for any place in this universes, including Dominica. The only passenger ships you expect to see in Dominica are cruse Ships, which brings tourist to the Caribbean, and none of them are specifically designated to travel “Dominica only.”/ // /If an International Airport is built in Dominica, more visitors will be attracted to the island, as long we develop the island to suite that purpose, and accommodate the tourist, therefore we need to attract some hotel resort chain to invest in the country, and so Dominica must be advertised internationally as a tourist destination; if you build an International Airport, and you advertise Dominica exclusively in Dominica as nature island who the heck going to hear you?/ // /I will leave this with you, it will not cost more than it is costing to maintain Melville Airport right now, that is a deceitful seed planted in the mind of our people by backward politicians of the Labor Party, because they do not want to build the Airport because of all the criticism they did, when the UWP was building the one they shut down. Have you ever heard of an International Shutting down because the operators could not maintain it, or because of flights. If you know of one please let me know where and when. Meanwhile, I remind yo that as soon as St. Vincent International Airport commenced operating later this year, LIAT will become history. Antigua Airport is a an main hub for international flights, Gonzalez informed if the Birds, a long time ago, if Dominica, gets an International Airport, Dominica will become the hub, while Antigua will loose that privilege!/ // /Respectfully Yours,/ // /Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque/

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