Historical Caribbean Pavilion for Panama ‘Expocomer 2015’

Panama (1)Kingston, Jamaica, W.I. (August 8, 2014). The Expocomer 2015 Organizing Committee, from the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama, is pleased to invite you to participate in the thirty-second version of this exhibition that translates into the most important commercial showcase of Panama and the region, to be held on, March 11 to 14, 2015, at the ATLAPA Convention Center, Panama City, Panama.

Panama World Trade & Investment Foundation (PWTIF) has been granted the rights by  Expocomer to be a Promoter/Administrator for businesses attending Expocomer and also to create for the first time in its history, a Caribbean Pavilion.  It is one of the only trade shows in the region, and perhaps the world, that has been able to keep its scheme of multi-sector exposition, gathering together exhibitors in categories such as Textiles, Construction, Technology, Accessories, Food, Beverage and Services. The varieties of categories make it possible to offer a range of exhibited products and services to reach our target market. This annual exhibition is the ideal starting point for business persons from more than thirty countries to explore new business opportunities and introduce new products and services.

Expocomer is the brand leader in Central America that continues to effectively showcase & promote the products of our clients successfully year after year.

The following participants: Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Jamaica, Barbados, Colombia, United Kingdom, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, India, Taiwan, Korea, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Spain, San Andres (Colombia), Argentina, Turkey, USA, Trinidad & Tobago, and others, including the Colon Free Zone, Panama, Real Estate companies and government ministries have had successful outcomes at Expocomer.

To meet your needs and expectations, PWTIF offers destination management, a new service, that caters to businesses and government ministries seeking destination management services such as: translation, seminars, receptions and fora, for example. The organization will become the liaison for individuals and businesses requiring legal, investment and trade support within Panama.

Visit www.panamaworldtrade.com for your opportunity to be part of Expocomer 2015.  Please complete the Registration Form and send it to us via email at melidabarrow14 at gmail.com . Thank you; we are looking forward to welcoming you to the historical Caribbean Pavilion for Panama Expocomer 2015!

About Panama World Trade and Investment Foundation:

Panama World Trade and Investment Foundation is an organization incorporated in Panama. The primary goal of PWTIF is to be the matchmaker between people, businesses and countries. If you are an individual with funds looking to invest or a person with a great idea looking for investors, we at PWTIF want to work with you. The organization will become the liaison for individuals and businesses requiring legal, investment and trade support within Panama.



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