1. @eve blot I didn’t call her crazy. And it’s unfortunate that 9/11 gets lumped in with all the other conspiracy theories. It is hard for me to swallow that she is being criticized because she brought up the Pentagon crash. That could be true, but I think it’s more about that she has gobbled up QAnon ideas, and has regurgitated so many of those talking points. Further, she seems to think she, and those who agree with her, have some privileged position to disregard the constitution and rules she disagrees with. At the very least, I do not think is deserved of any Congressional committee assignments.

    1. Yeah and Rhashida Tlaib claiming the Holocaust gives her a warm feeling is good. You sick nazis are horrible people

    1. Yoga pants wearing United Daughters of the Confederacy got 229,827 (74.6%) of 14th Congressional District. You dont need to look for enemy when you got them

    2. Bruh, saying that a crazy lady that barely got elected a few months ago is the face of the Republican party is like saying that Bernie Sanders is the face of the Democratic party, they’re not

    3. @Smith & Wesson She won by a huge percentage, not barely. The thing is, is that Trump backs her. Even if she had won by an insignificant amount, republicans are in fear of trump the Dump. That is the only detail, in my opinion, that matters here in regard to the damage she will be able to do.

  1. Trump: “The best is yet to come!”
    Cellmates: “Would you shut up! We’re trying to get some sleep here!”

    1. @Fraggle RockSquared No one forgot. It’s inevitable. One of the criminal investigations will eventually bear fruit. Speaking of hurt feelings….

    2. Vanquished University: “I made this youtube account December14th because I’m afraid someone will snap my pencil neck.”
      Everyone Else “LMFAO!!!!!! TRUTH!”

    3. @jdnb86 actually I thought you were talking about the Left whining about Trump and the Russia Collusion Hoax for 2 1/2 years and $30 plus millions of tax payers wasted!

  2. Remember when she came at AOC and mispelled handedly (spelled it handily)? Boy, does she sound even more wack now!

  3. Hopefully,Greene will be out. No having a talk with her. Just not being a congresswoman or whatever she is.

    1. @S B Antifa and BLM riot and loot for years kill over 20 people 2.5 billion in damage and remember Pelosi “rise up”….. oh thats hate speech then? Hypocritical Left so radical and diluted.

    2. @S B Nice Trump lives in your head. Everytime Communists New Network shows Trump u comment…. 🤣 🤣 🤣 Hypocritical Radical Left.

  4. Let me get this straight…these people have established an entire political belief system based on the rantings of an anonymous internet troll?

    1. @Christine Benson But let’s not jump to conclusions Before we have evidence. We don’t want to be like them LOL

    2. @dulpurp are u kidding me. 7 months of BLM riots antifa supported by radical leftists, even Kamala harris payed their bail and encourage them to keep violence. We are living in a upside-down world with double standart and hypocrisy but you are the only one not getting it.

    1. Gerrymandering is going to be the end of our country as we know (knew?) it. And ain’t NOTHING we can do about it, apparently, except ‘COUNTER-gerrymander’ when OUR side takes power, and then vice-versa in the NEXT election or two, when the opposing party takes power. Come on, when is anybody going to finally admit: Our country is soooo screwed, and Republican gerrymandering has played a large part in that. What would the Founding Fathers be thinking now, if they could see what has transpired 230 years on? Was it really such a good idea to create the ‘electoral college system’? And what about 2 senators per state – how has THAT worked out? Hell, a Democrat STILL won the presidential election in December despite all the hurdles in place, and we now have a tied 50/50 Senate with a Democrat Vice-President holding the 1 extra vote. But man, it just keeps becoming more and more of an uphill battle.

    1. Republicans are planning to aggressively gerrymander in the 18 states that they have control over to try and win the House in 2022.
      They’re pretty open about their plans.

    2. @Huey Long Admirer your point A to B rhetoric is flawed. If you want to stop CNN or “mainstream media” so badly you could always shoot your shot at censorship. A civil war won’t solve your problem.

  5. “No plane hit Pentagon ” where are those id**ts who almost killed ILHAN OMAR for saying some people did something

    1. @A Trusty yeah they really cleaned up that whole narrative. The Pentagon missile was pretty widely discussed, very early on. It’s probably what got a bunch of people into 911 truth.

      The jet fuel and steel beams is easily explained away, as is the towers falling the way they did. But the Pentagon allowing a plane into their airspace after what had just happened? It’s hard to believe. And the lack of videos…. and the lack of obvious plane parts in the photos that came out after the incident… also the way the damage looked, etc.

      Yeah. Haven’t heard too much about that recently.

    2. Oh so you figured Truthers must be Neocon Republicans, did you “Genius”?! 🤦‍♂️
      This is why the Democrats are a 25% minority and will always be a 25% minority!

  6. The US will continue to tear each other apart so I’m going to focus on honoring a fallen officer. There was a lot of hate that day but there was also heroism and courage 🚓🌈

    1. There are some really awesome Police Officers in DC. They protected our Democracy from Insurrectionists. We should honor them. I do.

    2. There was a lot of hate all year from Antifa and the BLM .. and nobody cared at DNC ! Not one Democrat or MSM news condemned the violence or looting! Over 100 days! Lots died because of your peaceful protesters! Your all as much to blame for the Capital incident as anyone is!

    1. @Deborah Merkerson They propagate their heinous bs solely through the internet. Can’t censor them – that goes against their free speech rights.
      Can’t ridicule them – that makes them more resentful and actually encourages them.
      There are virtually no solid hate speech regulations
      Action can only be taken when some of these q morons act stupidly

  7. I called hollywood with an idea for a movie about a crazy lady in congress, they didnt buy, said it wasnt believable.

    1. Lord of the Dings. One dingbat to rule them all, one dingbat to find them, One ringbat to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them; In the Land of Georgia where the shadows lie. Why is that such a stretch?

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