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  1. Cheryl Shephard | January 15, 2020 at 8:33 AM | Reply

    Pete….we’ve heard the “if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance” before….total BS just to get votes and nothing you intend to carry out.

    • Cheryl Shephard
      It’s worse than what we’ve heard before. He wants to force people to pay when they don’t have insurance. And who do you think has no insurance? Top or bottom 50%? The low income of course. High paying jobs come with excellent health coverage. So butt plug wants to squeeze the poor even more. Maybe we’ll get more homeless people with his plan, because those who live paycheck to paycheck scrambling for rent, will now fail to make rent, because buttplug took their money and handed it over to insurance company. That is an awesome plan. Punish poverty. Force struggling population to choose, prison or homelessness. Excellent man of the people.

    • Cheryl Shephard O’care again. We need M4A.

  2. The options may end up being between Sanders and Biden. I thought that Sanders Warren may be a good team but Warren needs to drop out.

    • I like Liawather

    • yeah, well problem is, Sanders could die during the campaign, or even between the election day and the inauguration day LOL, a ticket Sanders-Warren with Sanders as VP could work….problem is, Sanders-Warren would create a strong reaction in the republican side and would boost Trump, while Binden or Bloomberg would disgust many democrat electors, or potential democrat electors, to go vote….oh and the Dem should murder Michael Moore, because i thinks every word or tweet that comes out of this fat bufoon is a gain for Trump….anyway, i think the Donald can sleep peacefully….

    • You mean the fraud who claimed her .02% Native American status to pay for college!? 😂

    • Mohamad Moussa | January 15, 2020 at 8:20 PM | Reply

      @Nogent How pathetically sycophantic do you have to be to call another man, The Donald. As if he’s some deity. Have some self-respect.

    • @Mohamad Moussa pretty much as pathetic as being called mohamad, no nothings as pathetic as that.

  3. CNN very poor job, rehashing old talking points! How about expanding the conversation!

  4. I’ll be more receptive to their health care plans when they themselves commit to using them.

    • Smoke on the water | January 15, 2020 at 9:18 AM | Reply

      Exactly! Otherwise their just a bunch of Imperialist treating their constituents as if they are lower than peasants. If their so concerned about the public’s healthcare options walk a mile in our shoe’s and prove it!

    • Correct and start talking about down sizing the government starting with House and senate, and work on curbing corruption in the house starting with the billions spent on trying to oust the president

    • Mary Jo STREET | January 15, 2020 at 9:46 PM | Reply

      I agree

  5. Lmao, someone mentioned biden said we need to bond with these countries that hate usa, that means try to BUY THERE love with your tax dollars like OBAMA failed at..BAWAHAAAA 🤣

  6. This was the worst moderation that I’ve ever seen on any televised debate. It’s no wonder that CNN’s ratings are historically low. They have *ZERO* journalistic integrity.

  7. This was the most depressing debate I have ever seen.

    • @Thomas Perry Shutup and fetch me another Latte and a scone, barista boy.

    • @Thomas Perry Not upset at all, snowflake.
      Trump is still your president and will be for another 5 years.

      Do yourself a favor, take about $50 a week from your Starbucks salary and put half in a good index fund and the other half in Microsoft and Apple. In five years when Trump leaves office, your investment will have quadrupled including compounded interest.

      You’re welcome

  8. #boycottcnn they were absolutely shameful at this debate.

  9. Daurrel Samson | January 15, 2020 at 11:49 AM | Reply

    CNN: we need to give everyone a fair chance at the debate, except Bernie.

  10. Wow. CNN, you’ve outdone yourself this time. I didn’t think it was possible to sink to new a low. Congratulations.

  11. I should run for President. Here’s my health plan: Everyone gets a free box of band-aids and a bottle of aspirin every six months.

  12. Who cares definitely nobody on this stage

  13. Jo Biden don’t hav a stamina at all, he was uninterested.

    • Joe Biden had 27 people at his last rally…No malarkey!!! Ha ha ha

    • Biden sucks period. I will be voting for Bernie here in SC dim primary come February and President Trump in November. I would vote for Bernie if he wasn’t out of touch with reality. One thing I can say about Bernie, he is original! Unlike Joe Gaff or the Indian girl.

    • @Ted Freddy the one thing that’s good about having Bernie Sanders at every debate in every single election is that he is real good about pointing out the hypocrisy and flagrant sins of the swamp. On these points I agree. The proposed solutions he has not so much. That’s why I’m kind of along your way of thinking. The fact that the media hates both him and Donald Trump so much proves that both are over target. And that is why he needs to be there. Even if Bernie loses let’s hope that his health stays good enough so that he can participate in the process and have his voice heard for many more elections to come.

  14. That’s a lot of dislikes

  15. Jesus, you guys really screwed up the debate, well done! Fire the pundits asap!

  16. No point in this , they know who they want and are trying to make it look like it’s legit

    • B v c k r o o m | January 15, 2020 at 2:19 PM | Reply

      Thank you , exactly.

    • They’ve done this for decades. At least now that they’ve been caught outright rigging back in 016, people are starting to wise up and waken up.

    • At least the public is catching on, the swamp isn’t just congress and the senate and the fbi. It’s cnn and msnbc and abc.

    • @bilbofker and the corporate lobbyists, bankers, globalist think tanks, and PACs …… an entire Army of various organizations who go out of their way to make sure that the voice and will of the working-class people is continually deceived, divided, marginalized and when all else fails ridiculed or totally ignored.

    • Bill Byrd yup that’s right Bill , this is also why they love a polarized America, just keep people at odds non stop. None of this crap is worth not being friendly and taking care of your neighbors. Hopefully Trump will figure some way to separate the media and corporate money from the political system.

  17. Richard Schaefer | January 15, 2020 at 1:56 PM | Reply

    They can’t all be senile….Can they?

  18. Terrible moderators. Why is it that CNN run debates are always terrible?

    • They have no self respect. They’re so used to being this low. that it’s now the norm for them. No ethics as journalists–they have been bought, they’re lazy, and want to push their own narrative as opposed to fully informing the public in a fair unbiased way.

    • trainwreck told ya | January 15, 2020 at 6:59 PM | Reply

      @Melissa Perez nice😂😂😂😂

    • They just use moderators that are as pathetic as the people they are moderating, what did you expect normal people to moderate these fools.

    • They’re owned by AT&T Time Warner. Sanders has repeatedly stated he wants to break up telecom companies.

  19. Questionable framing of your Questions. Shame On You!

  20. UserInterface00 | January 15, 2020 at 4:34 PM | Reply

    Andrew Yang won the Iowa debates and he wasn’t even allowed to be present.

    • As a trump supporter Yang is the only democrat I like.

    • @Da Nhl1 May i try to convince you to vote for Yang ? Andrew Yang’s freedom dividend means that your family , your loved ones and friends have safe security . You never have to worry or get heart broken if one of them is going through tough times and If you are not able to help them financially . they can get back on their feet , start again to get things going , possibly turning the table for better , which will make you feel much better and Yang has many other policies and his healthcare is most reasonable affordle plan out of any candidate

    • @David Smith you really think the dnc will allow yang. You liberals will never get it.
      Even styre can walk in and get a seat. Julian assange tried to expose the dnc and you ignored him.

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