1. @Aussie Jim yes that’s true but at the same time that’s why they always say keep politics out of the workplace everybody doesn’t agree on the same thing and that’s why you hear about a lot of NFL players in NBA players that don’t discuss things like that

    2. @Clayton Brown that’s actually the point because you actually have people in society right now that get fired for talking about politics and religion at the jobs that’s why they say don’t talk about religion and politics at your workplace

    1. @Whistleblower youtube comment: now people cant be brainwashed! Yay!
      You: Russia hacked the election.

      Damn , the sheep still exist

    2. @Hawkzblade wow. Got the idea from Poland eh? You are stepping In it every time you open your mouth. Anyone else you would like to alienate? Go ahead.

    3. @Randy Smith
      yeah well the demented pos cant think for himself unless its a crime or stealing tax payers money.

    1. If Dems nominate Sanders, America will receive 4 more years of Trump. I don’t care about America, you are dumb, uneducated peasants. I feel bad for rest of the world, we don’t deserve Trump, we haven’t done anything to receive this punishment.

    2. Larry, you will also get to see a superbowl commercial with drag queens this year. #FNFL. *Colin Kaepernik should purchase a helicopter* #KOBE1KANOBE

  1. What is it with the Mark Dice squeaky Brian Stelter Voice? Is there a CNN clause against their hosts having Testosterone?

    1. @Roger Wilco where do I even start, nancy grace parking lot interview? CNN reporter setting up protestors for interview after london bombings, chris Cuomo telling people it’s illegal for them to look at wikileaks… wahhhhh

    2. @Lark Varhees 1. what about it? What was the lie? At any point did either one of the anchors misrepresent where they actually were? They were talking to each other through a satellite, 100% accurate and true.. Silly, yes, “fake”, no.
      2. No they didn’t, and you have absolutely no evidence that they did.. Oh the irony that you’re the one lying, huh?
      Chris Cuomo telling you anything on an opinion show is just that, his opinion, and I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to look at classified documents, but seeing as how they were on the internet that Genie has been let out of the bottle.
      is that really the best you could come up with?

    3. You morons are not equipped to argue any point with Eric Rodriguez, he is way to smart to buy into your libtard snowflake behavior! TRUMP2020

    1. @5imbadzs You say the msm doesn’t call Trump out on everything he does wrong, Well they do. But there’s only 24 hrs. in a day.

    1. And bloomburg is surrounded by a private army with automatic weapons, only a Jew thinks that way. TRUMP2020

  2. Dang, everyone hating on you!
    _Glad I don’t watch CNN?_
    My Favorite(s):

    Coca-Cola: “Mean” Joe Greene (1980)
    Budweiser: Singing Frogs (1995)

    1. @Jason Burroughs look I am not saying I necessarily want Bloomberg to be the candidate. I am just saying don’t underestimate his candidacy.

      He started late so he’s behind in the polls. His ad money will get him to higher numbers though.

      High enough? I don’t know.

  3. It’s funny to me that you people don’t realize to ask kicking you have coming your way in 2020 Trump 2020

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