2020 Tokyo Olympics off to a rough start with new COVID-19 cases and soaring heat 1

2020 Tokyo Olympics off to a rough start with new COVID-19 cases and soaring heat

Athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics had to cope with factors beyond the pandemic as punishing heat and humidity descended on the games with a typhoon forecast to hit the area.

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  1. As if in the underworld, athletes sleep on cardboard beds and recommend Fukushima nuclear-contaminated food. Just make history.

    1. Why are Yanks spreading misinformation on a Canadian news story? Did you come here to finally present the proof?

    2. @Not Here Why? They’re stupid and have nothing better to do that spread their garbage everywhere.

  2. I don’t understand why the games are held on rigid dates rather than dates that take into account the climate of the host country. I have been to Japan twice in summer and it was the hottest I have ever felt in my life. Just strolling short distances can be challenging; how much more challenging must it be trying to perform at your peak at an athletic endeavour. In a place like Japan dates during early Spring or late Autumn would have been much easier on the athletes.

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