1. Act like an adult or else just walk to your destination. I never want to be in these situations. National no fly list!

    1. @Matthew Chick Yes. YOU definitely have the right to choose to walk. Just don’t by an airline ticket and expect to not have to wear a mask.

  2. At least the FAA is finally putting unruly passengers on the no-fly list. It won’t stop the random Karen outburst, but will put an end to repeat offenders.

  3. IMHO, violence aboard an aircraft while inflight terrorizes the other passengers and crewmembers. Any member of the “Party of Law and Order” should know this. With rights come responsibilities and consequences. Maybe our politicians should think more about the safety of the flying public and less about catering to their bases. Just my US$0.02 which is worth as much as the paper it’s printed on

    1. @Rider 38 That is what you people think that try to use that as a gotcha. The term “defund the police” means to fund other interventions for certain types of problems. The police are overworked, at least most are. They are sent out when someone is mentally unstable and actually NEEDS a psychiatrist. They don’t need an overworked, trigger happy cop.

    2. @Rider 38 And all of the actual 18 month to 3 year olds, aren’t the ones pitching a fit and punching flight attendants. That’s all of the “conservatives” who don’t give 2 fucks about their fellow human. Those toddlers are the ones that don’t want to wear masks.

    3. @Rider 38 I’ve seen plenty. WTF are you watching that you see “liberals” punching flight attendants? The liberals are the ones willingly wearing the masks. It’s the tRumptards that pitch fits. For example, people still claiming election fraud and Humpty tRumpty won 16 months after he was FIRED.

      You really should seek professional help if you ever get away from the compound. But please, stop drinking the Kool-aid.

    4. @Rider 38 It will keep people from dying. Especially POC. Everyone should be agreeable on that aspect.

  4. There is no constitutional right to fly commercially; these are private companies with the right to protect their other customers.

    1. @Richard Horn then your antibodies are gone, they don’t last for a year.
      Mandates are what protect people, like wearing masks, staying home, getting vaccinated, to get rid of pandemics,
      When flu season is in full swing (pre-covid) there were mandates on social distancing, or staying home, granted they did NOT and were NOT to the extreme as covid because it was NOT a pandemic for the flu.
      Sugar it is NO ones fault for the suicides or depression or drug overdoses.
      Yeah the politicians do need to be held to standards they set. like trump who needs to be held accountable for NOT mitigating covid, NOT wearing a mask holding maskless rallies and so on. If trump had handled covid with the pandemic team and play book and took responsibility when he issued the NATIONAL EMERGENCY we would have been in a better place, but NO he chose to push lies instead and you follow right along with him.

    2. @Sabastian I have a co-worker who was on his way to a job interview in NY when he had to be severely late because the plane had to be deboarded because someone didn’t want to wear a mask. Fortunately, he still got the job.

    3. @Starkissed yeah you realize those masks don’t work at all. Wonder why the didn’t spread out the seats if they were so worried about their passengers health?

    4. Don’t fly if you do not feel comfortable with the rules, no excuse to turn violent and jeorpardize the safety of all other passengers and the cabin crew

  5. Well, around here if kids misbehave and cause fights on the school bus they get banned. You cannot mess around on an aircraft like that, it endangers everyone. The violent disruptive ones should be added to a no fly list. Those creeps who do it because they have to wear a mask know this before they get onboard so acting up after the plane takes off means they planned to do it. Who wants to pay hundreds of bucks to fly with an asswhole….not me!

    1. @Matthew Chick
      Im concerned for those of you that call it a “face diaper.”
      What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is coming out of YOUR mouth that you call it a diaper????😳
      Bunch of ❄’s.😂

  6. These people ARE, without a doubt, terrorists!! It’s not all about having a bomb strapped to your back, and what these passengers are doing in the air ie, trying to open doors etc – it amounts to terror for their fellow passengers! To call it bad behaviour is an insult.. It is criminal at the very least!

    1. @Matthew Chick nope, the difference between the left and the right is that the left actually learn about the nuances of all of these issues, we study them, understand the data and stats. People on the right read a headline and think they’re informed 😂 the real difference is that the right have no idea what they’re talking about and the left do.

      And trust me, I’m not the kind of person who’s scared to say that to your face.

  7. Is it me or is the GOP really going the distance to ensure that their base stays out of jail for even the most serious of offenses?!?

  8. If one attempts to enter a country with a faulty or misleading visa, custom and border officers can issue not only an expulsion order, but a two or three year exclusion order effectively banning someone from the country for a given duration of time. Why don’t the airlines employ that measure?

  9. Trying to open a door threaten harm disrupt the flight in air is dangerous and should be treated as such! 50 thousand feet in the air is a threat to the safety and security of the flight and those on the ground…if one were to crack shot or break a window game over!

  10. How can it not be a crime when you’re putting EVERONE in the plane in danger?! These “adults” acts worse than a kid throwing a tantrum.

    1. Actually they are acting exactly like children throwing a tantrum… however a kid screaming and flailing and kicking usually can’t hurt anybody (except other kids maybe). Adults can. That being said, forbid them to enter a plane… if you get a rental car, and you always return the car in unacceptable condition or damaged, the company has the right to not rent cars to any more. Perfectly understandable. Why should a plane company have to allow unacceptable people in?

    2. I remember many years ago there was a story of a drunk passenger who was so angry that he pooped and stunk up the area.

    1. I certainly bet! They only act like this because they haven’t been hit in their mouth to show them they aren’t untouchable.

  11. All of this is exactly why I choose to never fly again until something is done to keep everyone safe. This is the reason why I wish my friends and family who fly in this era to be safe and I ask them afterwards about their flights. It’s not covid related at all. It’s the violence of these misbehaving passengers that scare me. I fear for all the children who have to fly with their families and they see all this. Those kids will think the bad behavior is okay, but it’s not. I fully support a National no fly list for anyone who doesn’t follow any travel rules whether it’s not wearing a mask or something someone opening a door while the plane is in motion.

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