22 Murders in St. Ann ‘But Crime Under Control’ | PM Andrew Holness; Region Needs to Lobby the US

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    1. Tells mr Andrew holness it’s I aeon joseph Rose responsible for foreign affairs issues and complained against america USA of guns coming to jamaica wi. I aeon joseph Rose asked of the minister of security and jamaica wi to implement security, and search properly if suspected anything , put a hold on and for information contact ed the f.b.i or the c.i.a . Police department into America and advertise your claim thanks you

  1. ”The hot-spots are not the issues.” So you believe that the gunmen are going to stay in the areas that are heavily policed? Are they trees? Figurines? They can’t move? Such a foolish statement

  2. I want to add to the guns availability in Jamaica, that the government must trace the shipment of guns back to its original place of shipment and hold those persons accountable to the full extent of the law,

  3. The US if A has no interest in stopping the flow of guns ,so don’t waste time waiting for them to act.

  4. So true secure the air and sea port the other nation must protect their country from those Jamaican scammers

  5. Majority of persons arrested either gets released out on bail, case thrown out or within a short time span. Increase in arrests made ain’t a win in my book if the perpetrators aren’t convicted & sent to prison….

  6. The people of Jamaica need to stop rely on he government and get united and fight crime themselves. The government can do so much and the police can’t be everywhere to intervene. Another thing is nowadays people have a hard time to resolve disputes without fatality. This is a common mindset nowadays that need to change, the everybody for themselves way of thinking not working.

    1. It starts with the government, they have a very important part to play. Then when people see the effort he is putting out to decrease crimes , then and only then will they be interested in joining hands and heart to get rid of crimes. The blind eye he has turned on crime, is enough for people to do a withdrawal as well.

    2. @Myrtle D You are clueless about the situation. Several Caribbean countries are having the same problem with the guns. Just like he said they have little interest in helping to restrict the flow of guns into these Caribbean islands .

  7. The Government and the police play their part but the judges are a let down,the judges are playing human rights activist roll

    1. Not in Jamaica. The reason for the shorter sentences in Jamaica is that the prisons are overpopulated.

  8. There must be a cognitive dissonance with our politicians. They seem to be the only ones that are unable to see that like cockroaches thatnhide when you turn on a light that criminals will lie low when police presence is heightened.

  9. “Crime under control” is like saying Horace Chang is doing a splendid job as minister for national security

  10. People of Jamaica it is about time you realise that the Government of Jamaica has no real interest in actually lowering or fixing the crime disease which plagues our Beautiful Island. Crime is not at their doorsteps and it is not affecting their immediate family so the need for drastic measures or finding a proper solution is secondary.

    If they put in as much effort and resources that were used during the PANDEMIC maybe we would see the beginnings of progress towards fighting Crime.

    Our justice system and constitution needs a complete upgrade to combat the modern day criminals of Jamaica. Criminals are taking the current system for a Circus because they go in and out of jail for fun because the judges seem complicit to their bad deeds.

    Some criminals actually get arrested just so they can cool off from the pressure of other gangs or foes.

    The Prime Minister needs to stop making these Mickey Mouse statements because the people are not blind and actually have to live in this nightmare daily whilst he is in his castle.

  11. I would love to know which police can curve crime, they can’t read the criminal minds, the resident is closer to the crime and see the criminals but you never them videoing and highlighting the crimes, instead, they keep their mouth shut.

  12. This PM and his cabinet are truly living in a dream land. Those in high authority are living in denial

  13. If one observe’s how countries around the world go about constructing a society based on law and order withing their borders and the results, one will no doubt come to the conclusion that Jamaica is not serious about tamping down on criminality within this country. Gov’t just a pay lip service.

  14. Gods blessings on the prime minister also the mr Golden mr holiness is doing his best jamaican people can never appreciate no one this is the end time there is no better in thr fact its going to get worse if u think u see killing check news in america we just have to pray

  15. Mr Primister, you do know Jamaica ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ฒ is an Island? Just telling you because you have been paid by Jamaican citizens to provide security for its citizens, you are responsible and accountable for the 360degrees of the Jamaica ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ฒ Island.

    You need to resign if you cannot get your job done.

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