24-Year-Old Gun Eeform Activist Runs for Rep. Val Demings’ House Seat 1

24-Year-Old Gun Eeform Activist Runs for Rep. Val Demings’ House Seat


Maxwell Frost, a 24-year-old Orlando activist, is running to fill Rep. Val Demings’ House seat while she runs for Senate instead. If elected, he will be one of the first members of Gen Z to be elected to Congress.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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24-Year-Old Gun Eeform Activist Runs for Rep. Val Demings’ House Seat


  1. Good for him. I wish him well. I hope both Val Demings and this young man are successful. We need better people to represent us in this country than we have currently❣️

    1. Wouldn’t you want to know more about his arrest record? Convictions? You see a great talker once on TV and you’d vote for him?
      In any case, he would probably be better than any Trump/DeSantis bootlicker running for the same seat.

  2. I hope we send Val Demings to the U.S. Senate to replace Rubio and I will vote for Maxwell Frost as the gun reform candidate for the House. Vote ALL BLUE in ’22!!!

  3. Go for it!!! America desperately needs younger, energetic, aktive People to take over Government. The Hill is extremely mouldy.

    1. Do you mean the 60’s when they killed them & took over American politics? It still hurts it broke my fighting spirit.

  4. Thank you Maxwell! We need more people like you, who care about all americans, not just their corporate donors or extremist base, in our local, state and national governments! Aloha and mahalo from Hawaii.

  5. Unfortunately, the ‘22 and ‘24 elections will be an historic catastrophe for Democrats.
    All thanks goes to CNN/MSNBC. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. AT LAST !!! I doubt if he will win, but thank you for starting the ripple that will turn into a wave, someday.

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