25 Years Of MSNBC 1

25 Years Of MSNBC


Brian Williams reflects on 25 years of MSNBC.
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  1. The Circle is now complete. Your humble host Brian W. is back where he started from. Happy 25th MSNBC!

    1. @nickj12 Watch? I don’t watch any of this crap! I’m just here to trigger you cheating Joe fans! It obviously worked! Thanks for the laugh! Bye-bye!

  2. I remember those days. I loved watching Soledad O’Brian. I was just learning about HTML and there were several shows that taught you about computers and the internet. I was very appreciative. Good times!

  3. Congratulations Brian Williams and MSNBC Hosts and Staff! much respect from Australia!
    Brian Williams is a house hold voice and name! unforgettable voice! and a voice that brings back many memories from the past watching him on TV when I hear him speak

  4. I used to watch ABC News most of the time, but a few years ago i realized your network was much better so I switch to MSNBC. Congratulations on your 25 year anniversary. Keep up the great work.

  5. Brian Williams is the best. His dry wit delivered with such gravitas keeps me informed and entertained every day.

  6. : Congratulations MSNBC news, on providing fact filled reporting 25 years, and counting.

    And wow!
    As for using a paper road map / atlas, that’s improvisation.
    Brian Williams, MSNBC team members back in the day and present, absolutely brilliant.

  7. Brian’s sarcasm, has helped me make sense of the news we’ve had to suffer, since 2016….
    Thank you Sir!

  8. I remember 25 years there was Jodi Applegate at the time even Soledad O’Brien and of course Tim Russert

  9. Brian Williams looked a lot like Hugh Grant in his youth. I never realised that before.

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