26 per cent of Canadians support a federal election in the fall, Nanos poll suggests 1

26 per cent of Canadians support a federal election in the fall, Nanos poll suggests


The latest survey from Nanos Research shows only 26 per cent of Canadians support the prospect of a federal election in the fall, while 37 per cent of Canadians were upset at the thought of a fall election.

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    1. @SaturdayNightSlamMaster1980 you should submit a vote of no confidence so that you can make your stance known. Otherwise you’re not helping anyone, including yourself

  1. and then we get erin the fool ….the policy’s of liberal lite and not one thing will change ….democracy , the illusion of choice

  2. The Liberals are the only party “ready” for a fall election. If Trudeau hopes to get re-elected he cannot wait for the other parties to catch up.

    1. @Primmakin Sofis Don’ forget assaulting women and molesting his females students when he was a PT drama teacher.

    1. The guy with the “Tar baby” crap coming outta his mouth?
      We remember. I guess that doesn’t bother you though.

    2. @Canadian Person that’s not a racist term. Nice try at smearing him though. Do you also defend Trudeaus multiple blackface photos?

  3. Anyone think Canadians in any number will vote for Singh or O’Toole? Doesn’t matter anyway. It’s one big club and we’re not in it. Best of luck in the next lockdowns, we’re going to need it.

  4. Your daily reminder there would have been an election called back in October were it not for the NDP siding with the Liberals in the non-confidence vote.

    1. Your daily reminder that the NDP is more liberal than the liberals so I don’t know what you’re surprised about tbh

    2. NDP and Liberals are both garbage parties and should be eliminated.

      Neither party has done anything that benefits all canadians, just specific demographics.

    1. lets hope= a lot of snowflakes who vote for cool socks and sexual attraction out there…

    2. Trying to start a MACA thing?
      Doesn’t work here. Here we have something called education.

  5. That’s only slightly less than the percent of population that voted in the last election.
    Elections shouldn’t count unless at least 50% of the electorate participates.

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