2nd Fire at Premier Plaza | Stop Selling Driver’s Licence | TVJ Midday News – July 28 2022

2nd Fire at Premier Plaza | Stop Selling Driver's Licence | TVJ Midday News - July 28 2022 1


  1. It’s been years since steer vendors be doing this, you guys just want it seem like you’re doing something. No buyer wants to go in the market because it gets crowded and their money gets stolen. You guys really not doing nothing to build a better Jamaica so please stop coming on the tv and talk shtt

    1. They have to come on tv on talk the selling on the street side is too overwhelming, The Gov’t need to build market facilities in your community and small town so you don’t have to go too far to buy or sell what need ,

    1. How dem expert people fi mak money when there’s no jok for people like tho people dem afi find was of there own

    2. @Chrizanelle Williamson politicians only cares about his family and business partners,but people don’t learn. A one time me ever vote from 1989 an now am 54 years old and its getting worse.

  2. Each people dem take off the road give dem a job if u cant do that leave the people dem alone because half of Jamaican is billed from tho same people

  3. Mr minister, highly qualified and educated people causing accidents on the road too.
    it is not only people who buy a license doesn’t fallow the road code.
    A matter of fact if such thing as buying a driver license I would be so careful because I don’t want to lose my license
    At one instant I heard one highly educated government worker booming out another driver on the road telling him to drive faster or get off the road. just because the person wasn’t speeding,..

  4. Nurses and doctors don’t deserve a raise either? What of the teachers? There should be some house cleaning.

  5. The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a study of the needs of humans and the first need is Physiological needs and speaks to the need to feed when hungry and to drink when thirsty. This is before the need to be safe so unless these needs are met, people will continue to risk their safety to eat and to feed their families.

  6. This man is a society boy leave the pore let them live its people like you why Jamaica has so much crime

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