3.3M Yemenis in ‘catastrophic humanitarian need’ 1

3.3M Yemenis in ‘catastrophic humanitarian need’


CNN's Becky Anderson speaks with International Rescue Committee CEO David Miliband about the catastrophic conditions in Yemen. Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia's top diplomat announced a UN-backed proposal to end the six-year conflict in Yemen, including an offer of a ceasefire and the lifting of a Saudi-imposed sea and air blockade on the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

This proposal follows a recent CNN investigation which revealed that not a single oil tanker has been able to dock in the Houthi-controlled port of Hodeidah this year because of the blockade enforced by Saudi warships. CNN's investigation triggered calls from the UN Yemen Envoy Martin Griffiths and WFP Chief David Beasley for Saudi Arabia to lift its blockade and allow fuel into the country.

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    1. @Greg Orchard Good grief, Mohammad Bin Salman……. Saudi prince that chops people for sport mate…..

    1. @shelley Lebell Donkeys been using the same speech for 4 yrs, he should be able to say it smoothly by now, even as someone with Grade 4 Literacy..

    2. @shelley Lebell at least he didnt have Putins earpiece in. You wanna talk about puppets? Lets do that….

    3. @Greg Orchard Vladimir Putin is basically calling Biden a senile old man, China rebuffed Anthony Blinken to his face & Kim Jong Un refuses to talk to anyone from the Biden regime… but it’s good to know that America is ReSpEcTeD AgAiN.

    4. @shelley Lebell So, the USA’s 3 main enemies loved the Mobster Lobster but hate President Biden? I would have thought that was a good thing. I know it is here. America lost all respect from it’s allies globally over the last 4 years. Its just a laughing stock. Its only since the idiot got fired that USA’s allies are even considering restoring partnerships.

  1. For heaven’s sake – people have been screaming for help for years WHILE THE US PROVIDED THE SAUDIS WITH THE WEAPONS TO CARRY OUT THIS GENOCIDE!!!
    This is a war of profit and power for the Saudis. The US must stop helping them.

    1. Notice how not even one news outlet will question how America’s foreign policies of selling weapons to the Saudis helped to create the humanitarian crisis. Disgusting.

  2. just inform joe Biden, he will send a fleet of US taxpayer funded planes and ships over there to get them and bring them to the USA for citizenship, and he will make sure they all get registered to vote on day 1

    1. @shelley Lebell notice him reading reporter names off a list and reading his study notes while they ask the question lol

    2. I hope you realize half of all Americans including immigrants do not vote for either major party. Now buzz off Trumpie. Nobody cares about politics here. This is a starvation crisis of millions of children.

    3. @BIG GOVERNMENT IS THE ISSUE AND NOT THE SOLUTION There has never been a time that democrats were ever socialist. That’s a stereotype because of people like FDR who introduced socialized programs to the country like Social Security and relief for non employed people. And there are only very few socialist countries left in the world. Most countries that were socialist like China have switched to capitalism but will likely switch back to socialism again once their economy stops booming.

  3. US on real genocide in Yemen: crickets.

    Oh, I forgot that the genicide perpetraitors are Saudi Arabia, a US ally.

    EU & UK : crickets.

    1. Not even close, America profits off selling weapons to the country who did this to the Yemeni people.

  4. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven

    Like so more people can see this.

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