$3.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Is About ‘Putting People First’ Says Sen. Stabenow

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss how Democrats on the Senate Budget Committee came to a consensus on a $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill despite their differences. She says the bottom line among all the Democratic senators on the committee was showing the American people that “someone has their back.”
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    1. There’s no such thing as debt, when you own the printing press. It’s all a sham. But it will increase inflation, but will help the middle class and possibly the poor, long term.

  1. That fancy lady who probably has never worked a day in her life, how rich has she become from being a politician? Workers paying taxes out of our paychecks do not want to spend more money that we do not have. We do not have that money. Is she delusional?

    1. Shes typical rich politican. Has no idea how the seniors and vets have to live.they in poverty for decades she only cares about what they can get for themselves

    2. @Jason Crandall you ever notice how democrats mike it look like they are doing something by taking your money they give some to themselves and give you a little less of yours back to you, they are good at that money laundering thing they got going while keeping there voters right were they want them, under their oppression

    3. Infrastructure = jobs

      I like it that there is infrastructure spending that will address some/most of the worn down roads & bridge that we drive on.

      The 1% with Wall St’s help has shifted all manufacturing jobs (that was the backbone of all communities in this country at one time) to overseas (some was lost to automation) factories. They also have been successful in breaking down worker’s rights & to lower their tax rates. All the while making sure they get their cut & they will make sure the 99% takes the full hit when things go south.

    1. @Bronx Bjorn
      That didn’t even make sense.
      Read the ENTIRE troll manual BEFORE you make your ill advised comments, lol.
      I remember my first day trolling, so long ago now.
      I wasn’t quite as bad as you are at it, but I was pretty bad.

    1. @biddi b nobody works government jobs to pay bills. these people knew what they sign up for being public servants. Also the average congressional race cost about $120,000 if you can raise that kind of money to continuously run for office this aint about “working to pay bills” this about power. Imagine your signature can create trillions of dollars…..

    2. Michigan tried with John James. He was leading election night by almost the same margin and well you see what happened.

  2. If any of us, ran our households, like the U.S. Government, runs this Country, we ALL would be in prison.

    1. @goku kaioken I like how you say you’ll.get proof but just in case we don’t we’ll just say the left squashed it… So you don’t have journalist and dedicated people on your team? You have like three media platforms to get the truth out but somehow even with all these decades of success of your medias misinformation agenda you won’t be able to get the truth out HERE. That’s very convenient for you isnt it. Seems more like you want it to be true so why brother having to prove it when you can just say it’s true and act like its true.

    2. @srgreeniii did that comment make you feel better about yourself? Because it was pretty irrelevant

    3. The reality:
      Giveaway for the children which they’ll have to pay back with MASSIVE interest.
      “Here, here’s a buck, I now own your house in the future.”

    4. @Daniel Grohl blah blah blah all these Americans want segregation and Jim crow so that means we should keep it 🙄

  3. How much of this money will actually go towards helping We the people compared to helping politicians get richer? Show us the breakdown where every dollar goes because We the people are all tired of being screwed

    1. @Thurgor Supreme I’m not missing the point. I got what you were saying. I was just stuck on you saying 10k checks per person. That would leave them with nothing to take off the top, and it was funny. Probably the biggest joke of 2020-2021 is “America first”.

    2. Mob don’t break down. 10 million went to soaking in tub research. Get real. They are in control. Biden never gets cheered by honest people. Never. Just a fact. Print more money. They did hire a few more road workers.

    3. @Darth Revan 1,000 x 330,000,000 = 330 Billion. Add another 0, and you get 10,000 per person.
      Even so…
      Not everyone would get it…
      3,500,000,000,000 is what the Bill is for… T for Trillion, which is another “3” 0’s than a Billion.

      He wasn’t talking about “would they?”. He was talking about “if they.”…
      332,915,073 as of 2021
      3.5 trillion / 332,915,073 = $10,513.19.

    1. It already has devalued..why do you think prices are so high..as long as they keep printing prices will keep going up

  4. “$3.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill is About Putting Government First”
    there, fixed it for you, MSNBC

    1. It’s all about swamp rats giving them contracts to their buddies and hand over the bill to private owned business

  5. When they say “people” they mean themselves and their billionaire donors. The regular folk get nothing. Consumer price index when up 10.8% annualized in June. That is a tax on the poor and the middle class. Printing 3.5 trillion will only make it worse.

    1. @g0679 Is that why he mocks her and makes it a point to expose her disgraceful incompetence and dishonesty on each broadcast? They’re “pals”?
      Patently ridiculous.

  6. These politicians can’t balance a budget yet they want to mortgage our children’s future. The printing press is running 24/7 pushing out debt, someone has to stop the insanity.

  7. Well she isn’t completely lying, we already know it’s about putting people first and it’s the same people they always put first, the ultra wealthy. Anyone who has a basic understanding of economics understands the hyperinflation that’s coming (and has already started )is going to destroy the middle class. It’s not just stupidity and incompetence on their part, it’s all by design

    1. Maybe when our country falls,, people will realize that voting for Democrats is not a good IDEA..

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