3 Killed in Gun Attack | Prisoners Escape | 7 Injured in Crash along Lacovia in Jamaica

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  1. These kids and parents need counseling intervention to get behind why these kids first taught is to kill another human being .

  2. All these young people who are involved in gangs and wanting to be gangsters surely are aware that this kind of lifestyle will one day catch up with them. If one lives by the sword one is destined to die by the sword. May God continue to watch over the innocent people of Jamaica

  3. Dance, what dance come to in Jamaica I think people go out dancing enjoying themselves and have a good time. these nowadays dancer in Jamaica need to go to the circus.

  4. Tired of these young men that can only unite to kill each other. Unite and learn a skill.Unite and learn coding. Unite and do positive things to make your community better. Disgusting.

    1. Yep. Life is hard everywhere, but you can make better choices for your life. It also takes energy and intent to engage in the bad behaviours.

  5. Its funny how unprofessional our security forces are in speech and otherwise..what happen to the cameras that has been indicting anyone who talks about the pm…Ridiculous…you all take Jamaican ppl for fools..we aint that stupid

  6. Tell the cop to pull up his mask, the police woman Corporal Mitchell should be fired for her violation to the young lady.

  7. ID the gunman in your neighborhood and stay away from him because when them come for him if you with him you getting it to

  8. Imagine waking up dead scratching ya head like ” damn I didn’t thought that through now did I ” smh

  9. Condolences to the family of this young man ,dancing and died at least he was trying to entertain many,not killing people.

  10. Has for the mother big up your child or children in the right way so they can be better men and women in society.Shalom

  11. This killing thing must stop now. I don’t like hearing about people killing people. We must practise Love.

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