3 Killed in Gun Attack | TVJ News - August 4 2021 1

3 Killed in Gun Attack | TVJ News – August 4 2021

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  1. 99% of the guns are coming from America to Jamaica. Mexico just file a lawsuit against the US for sending illegal guns to their country, maybe Jamaica government should do the same!!??

  2. Lack of education, greed , self respect and most of all peoples mentality is a direct consequence of these level of violence. Jamaicans unless you change your mentality then all hope is lost . For won’t save you but instead you have to save yourselves

  3. I ll never stop saying thing . Hanging need to come back . These people whose killing there not humans

  4. Time for a military government. This is the only government that will save Jamaica. Force needs to be met with force. Jamaica needs needs to cleanse itself of all this filth and show the world that they can finally live in peace!

  5. Residents a keep tight lips so tight lips and more funerals all of those who got kill knew what’s going on and these families who crying now the shoes on their feet still not giving informations to the police.

  6. All there people do is going around taking each other’s life.
    When will this savegery going to stop ?
    And no body see or know anything..

  7. Mr Prime Minister….get up off your lazy sit upon and fulfill your basic duty to protect the citizens….you are so darn reluctant to fight crime….people are suffering….its only when them curse you your little ego hurt and you send for people….get the darn gunmen….I have never seen a government so inept

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