3 more UK Based Players Withdraw from Jamaican Squad - Oct 5 2021 1

3 more UK Based Players Withdraw from Jamaican Squad – Oct 5 2021


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  1. Y’all need to stop being biased if Antonio wasn’t committed why would he had spend money to buy 3 tickets for other player kmt tappa, mike ricketts and his patty shop friends must go and stop hold down Jamaican football. Tappa getting paid $750000 a month for what kmt

  2. Stop all the division if these guys weren’t committed. The wouldn’t even accept the call from the get go this is how we are as a people. The players are not committed because they don’t spend their money to come and play right. Jamaican local base players ain’t worth crop I said it stop badminton these guys for what they have achieved yeah I said it. I hope all of them stop coming to jamaica because they aren’t appreciated

  3. First of all the JFF is not committed either and it all starts from there, the Jamaica team as all names and no System !!!

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