3 Persons Fatally Shot on Sunday in Jamaica – February 15 2021


  1. Everyone’s lives matter regardless if they are poor or not. The government needs to tell all the Landowners not to treat people in that manner.

  2. You better deal with them right because they are poor. God is not pleased. ” The poor and the needy will always be among us.”
    Yet still the government doesn’t want to approve Buju Banton foundation.
    What’s the government of Jamaica mandate or agenda??

  3. A lot of women Pray to have a baby and this woman is so heartless to murder a baby u guilty of hell fire u must repent,

  4. unno goverWrong too wicked and unno days coming that I’m sure of, the WICKEDNESS OF jamaica politics has reached its peaked, and THE MOST HIGH LOOKING at HIS people

    1. It would not be bad if it was just one shooting each day. You know every day we hear these things and think it’s bad but you know it’s reallly bad when you watch your too small sons pushing the bed away from the wall so they can wedge the mattress on the floor between it and the wall. you see brilliant minds and well thinking people who want the best out of life migrating and we look on and say so sad but when u look at the current government then you see what is really sad and get to thinking maybe its time you really look into leaving aswell. They now tell you that they cannot do a thing about crime yet we have an army and a police force for what? What is the politics behind using or not using the soldiers? Apparently we are short on police here even though they will not tell us that but 11000 I am told but all we need in my opinion to send on operations is one police to 25 soldiers to infiltrate volatile areas to get result. So this means 4 cops to a hundred soldiers and so and do forth. Savagery is apart of the rule of engagement when the battle gets tough. Show these thugs who is the general since this is a war.

    2. jamaica lost about 1500 humans per year. how many houses and roads they can be to build? how many children was lost too?

  5. The Jamaican government is absolutely appalling. How those residents were treated is disgusting and the crime is sickening

  6. How many people remember the song “you abandoned me love don’t live here anymore” that’s exactly how i feel about Jamaica.😫😣but we have to go on with the help of God.

  7. Government send people to do that?
    Crime will never stop because if this is the way we treat our own people, what can i say? Let’s start loving each other Jamaica🙋‍♀️👍❤

  8. I believe she should be charged with public mischief and banned from entry
    to the Island for at least one (1) year.

  9. Total slackness the time they take complaining for years about the folks abandoned, build more accommodations at the Infirmaries, to accommodate them ,if their families abandoned them maybe they can’t take care of them, it’s sad but reality is reality

  10. The time is drawing near for the wicked and unjust to get their pay, for the cup is now flowing over and time is running out

  11. Lord hear the cry of the poor it’s covid time where must they go now it’s very sad how they treat humanity. 😓

  12. The people no have no where to take their family, you realize how hard it is on the people of Jamaica, why the government no fine place put dem and feed dem with the money that he’s using to feed the criminals dem

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