3 Shot, 1 Fatally | Get Crime Under Control or Resign | TVJ Midday News – Jan 26 2022

3 Shot, 1 Fatally | Get Crime Under Control or Resign | TVJ Midday News - Jan 26 2022 1


    1. Right? Lol like he doesn’t run one of the worst constituencies, is he going to also step down? I think it should be across the board

    1. Yes you can sleep with your door open just make sure you have a grill on lol. Lock the grill and leave the door open.
      On a serious note. I can’t believe he was stupid enough to make such a comment. JLP or PNP criminals don’t care.

  1. WE NEED ADMARAL BALEY STRATEGIES πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ–€πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’―%πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘»πŸ™πŸ»

    1. Well said. This is not, a political issue. The commissioner of police, cannot stop crimes in Jamaica. I would like to asks, a question? Can you name, one country, in the world, where the commissioner of police, stop the crimes, in their respective countries ?

  2. We are all jamaican and we want crime to stop if one as a better idea come together and let’s work its not about PNP nor JLP its about all our people this is everyone issues

    1. Exactly, we are all Jamaicans let’s come together to fight this monster call crime,a no pnp or jlp thing is our husband, wife sister, bro niece and nephew are been kill

  3. The police force need a motivator, and this commissioner doesn’t have a clue, Soldier can’t run police officer.

  4. Then Mark, you can get it under control? It is the motherss, fathers, sisters, brothers, girlfriends, friends and neighbours who are harbouring criminals, They know them and are hiding them or people wont speak up. Citizens play a big part in curbing crime

  5. This Commissioner is also the adviser to the Prime Minister, so all this foolishness with zoso and SOE’S is his idea.
    These measures can’t deal with Jamaica crime problems when the force can’t find people to do normal police work.

  6. My advice to the authorities in Jamaica, put in police officers in these areas on foot, motorcycles, car, bicycles by day and night, and where the military is needed put alongside the police.

    1. @Daniela Its not fair for the government to sit around give instruction and keep all the money in their POCKETS ,while these man and woman serve and protect at a bare mininum salary . They have Families also and if they died in the line of duty all they get is Gun salute . All hands must be on board to fight against crime .

  7. Jamaica is the only place on earth where people get promotion for failing. Horace Chang is a prime example.


  8. There is very little or nothing the commissioner can do combating crimes violence in the country lies within the prime Minister and the Minister of security also the judicial legislation the police is doing their best and I commend for wonderful efforts they have been doing under these kind of condition they are facing g.

  9. They need to have cameras placed in all streetlight polls in every community and link it to Jamaica eye, and ensure that the only persons can move them is a JPS worker.

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