37-year-old woman dies waiting in emergency room with husband | Canada health care crisis

The husband of a 37-year-old woman who died at a Nova Scotia hospital after waiting hours for care on New Year's Eve is speaking out.

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  1. this is absolutely pathetic what the hell is going on in that hospital this should never have happened

    1. @NyxErebus It’s not a conspiracy. Canada’s MAID system is one of the most liberal in the world.

      I guess the Paralympian told to off herself because she wanted a mobilized staircase was just a myth, right?

    2. sorry not blaming nurses but situation where no staff available to be able to take the time to correctly assess situation

    3. @Mom Tur Excuse me,but it’s the Liberals in Ottawa giving all our money to Ukraine instead of funding our hospitals to blame! Yes Houston is useless and no it does not matter one iota who is in,we have one party and they are in it to line their own pockets ! They do not care about Canadians.

    4. @NyxErebus It may have started out as something humane,but it didn’t take long for it to become inhumane!

  2. The government has to STOP cutting healthcare, and with a growing population this will eventually cripple the system. So sad, and definitely preventable.

    1. Absolutely !!!! And what pisses me off more, Trudeau just announced he spent 19 billion dollars on hi-tech airplanes. WTF !

    2. @Joany11 Swatch over 30 billion recieved the cerb that weren’t supposed to…auditor general released these findings recently.

    3. @Allan Nielsen doesn’t surprise me. Our politicians are criminal ?! During the pandemic all Trudeau cared about was that he looked like a hero by paying out all this money at the working tax payers expense. It’s astonishes me that he’s still in power.

  3. My prayers and condolences 🙏🏽 to the family ❤ I’m so sorry you had to experience this ❤️😑

  4. This is heartbreaking……this never should have happened ….disgraceful…Our sincere condolences and prayers to her family

    1. If this happened to a newcomer or a Buffalo Bills football player the NDP would go outta their minds , Trudeau would lose it and apologize to their entire community @ Nathan Phillips $quare….eh !

    1. IT is Disgraceful….Shame on the health care system!!! And shame on the officials for not addressing the issues!!

    2. My brother and his wife both died because of the Canadian health care system. If you want to die all you have to do is go to Canada. ALOT of my Canadian family has experienced and died because of their health care system.

  5. I am a Canadian born RN who trained in Germany with 7 years of ICU experience. They have made the process to register so difficult that I have opted out. My mother received her training at the same school as I in Germany but came during the Harper years. She was able to start working straight away on a non high acuity ward and after a year was allowed to challenge the test.

    This is a disgrace.

    1. I worked on a contract during the Harper era that surveyed applicants and asked what we could do better to get them certified. I’m glad that project helped but annoyed the progress has been undone

    2. @blackswan1983 and.. he gutted the healthcare system.. the libs are guilty of not reversing his MASSIVE CUTS.. but HE did it.. his fault. Harper cut it all up.. educate your Harper loving brain.

    3. @Hygog C All doctors or nurses immigrants that come here in Canada, why not just to upgrade their competency according to the Canadian Heath Care Standards and Jurisprudence, to obtain their diplomas in Canada. These health care professionals can take some upgrading courses here, internship trainings and take board exams to have licence. Why the Government Health Officials did not find the best solution of these health care professionals to integrate to the Standard of Canadian Health Care? Why these health care officials didn’t do the best solution of our health Care System. We need ” Efficient Mass Work Force in Health Care As Soon As Possible Than Way Too Late! Pls. Wake Up Gov’t Health Officials!

  6. This happened to a friend of mine way back in 2005. She was pregnant and was having complications with it and went to the hospital where she died in the waiting room three hours after she arrived.

  7. This is so horrific. Poor lady.poor family. You should never give anyone water with abdominal pain. Where the heck were the nursing staff in this 🤷‍♀️🙄😡 As retired reg nurse I’m disgusted with their conduct. Security guards are not nursing staff.😡

    1. Just be grateful they didn’t berate her for choosing to have children while laughing at her pain…The system IS way broke. Time to vote for those who “get it” when it comes to healthcare.

  8. Our healthcare system is broken. This was a preventable death. Children have lost a precious mother, a husband, who did everything he could to help her, has lost a beautiful, young wife, a family has been devastated by loss and grief. All preventable. It’s just so sad😞 My 🙏🏽 to this grieving family.

    1. @Sonne Creations It seems like all the broken parts of the system are working together to make our lives hell.

    2. Our health care isn’t broken its designed to be the way it is… the massive inflation tax dollars are being stolen.

    3. @megleland does it matter! if she wasn’t seen to in a timely manner if they could have helped they did not !this is our government’s responsibility they are buying jets going on private vacations on private jets no longer governing any of our business against corruption what exactly are they responsible for just a question

    1. If she got hurt 4 months ago how is it the hospitals fault ? She did more harm to herself not seeking medical attention for FOUR MONTHS HELLO !!!!!!!


    1. It’s been going on for years. ALOT of my Canadian family has died because of their health care system.

    2. You can fix Health care until the Unions make their members more accountable and Management does their job. Guess it will never happen.

  9. So very sad,how could this happen in our country!This is negligence they should have been taken care of stat!So sorry a 37 year old mother leaving behind a family!Unbelievable!My heart goes out to you!😢

  10. Sadly, this sort of thing is starting to be common, except we have not had too many deaths yet. When I was in ER last March I watched a lady with obvious heart attack symptoms have to wait more than a half hour for triage, after which she had to wait in the waiting room for approx 45 min. Worse, they kicked her husband outside because of “COVID protocols”. Her condition could have worsened and she had no one who could have advocated for her. Sorry for this family.

  11. Please accept my sincere condolences. I cannot begin to imagine the enormous the pain this wife/mother/daughter felt as the Canadian healthcare system slowly and callously abandoned her.

    1. This is happening in the UK too. Lack of leadership from the top, seriously underfunded system, bad management, under paid nurses and doctors, chronic staff shortages with too many hours resulting in burn out, demoralising, mass exodus. Etc

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