3rd grader creates multicultural crayons | Humankind 1

3rd grader creates multicultural crayons | Humankind


Eight-year-old Madi didn't see herself represented in a box of crayons, so she made her own.

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Eight-year-old Madi Wilson created a line of inclusive crayons to represent kids of all skin colors.

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  1. When you don’t have problems like extreme poverty, hunger, urban violence, political instability, you start creating stupid ones like “racist crayons”.

    1. @WombatsinCombat i’m latino american pal. I bet you’re somepne with white guilty; Wanna lecture me about oppression? Come to Brazilian slums teach me.

  2. Yea because kids need to think about racial differences while coloring….. indoctrination of victim mentality.

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