4 Canadian citizens unaccounted for in Florida condo collapse: consul 1

4 Canadian citizens unaccounted for in Florida condo collapse: consul


Canada's consul general in Miami says four Canadian citizens "linked" to the condominium collapse in Florida are unaccounted for.

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    1. So if your loved ones were killed in this… you wouldn’t wanna sue?? Isn’t this what lawyers are for ?

  1. Building inspector has a issue that’s for sure !! Thoughts and prayers for those whom are missing!!

  2. What we can conclude here is how downright moronic a society can be, pretending to be saviors only for the money and self-pity. In a previous video, a lady can be heard saying she thought stuff like this only happens in 3rd world countries. If this happened in a 3rd world country, they would have sifted through the rubble for survivors and finished the job the same day.

    1. @Demetrius Marsh Can’t tell if your being sarcastic or not, but the chunks of concrete and debris would be several thousand pounds… moving by hand is impossible

  3. Even the concrete slabs and metal, and every other imaginable building material is reduced to crumbs. Imagine a human body.

    1. Wouldn’t stand a chance, only upside is that their death would have most likely been instant

    2. @STANKMAN No they weren’t. The building pancaked in seconds. Doesn’t get much faster than that, genius.

  4. I won’t even dare to imagine what would happen to Vancouver’s condos in a case of an earthquake

    1. @You TubeSucks Hi You Tubesucks. Please provide some proof for your belief that this collapse was planned.

  5. ขอไห้เจอคนทียังมีชีวิตอยู่นะค่ะ เป็นกำลังใจให้ค่ะ คุณพระคุ้มครองค่ะ สาธุ

    1. Especially when at 1:55 you have mothers asking you to do MORE
      As if you aren’t already risking your life and limb for them..

  6. Wow the fire rescue chief almost broke down. He must have seen some terrible stuff back in Haiti and back again here. Stay hopeful

  7. The shoddy, cocaine-fueled mob-organized construction of 1980’s South Florida is starting to come home to roost…

  8. If I was in that north tower I’d be out of my apartment the moment this building collapsed. Same developer? Same year? Same materials? Looks like an identical building too. Wouldn’t risk my or especially my kids life. I’d sleep in my car or a uhaul before that happens.

  9. imagine the pain of being crushed slowly or fast and its like you’re being compressed. its terrible feeling

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