4 Dead in Market Truck Crash | Contagious Delta Variant Confirmed in Jamaica – August 18 2021


  1. i say it before am goin to say it again people belive in hype more than GOD people dnt have time for the gud lord again no more faith in the gud lord

    1. @Mercyann Grace give me 1 example when this creator helped someone or cure someone of something? When was the last time someone seen this creator?

    2. @Mercyann Grace so you don’t respect people’s opinion aren’t you a person of for but look down on atheist

    3. ITS TIME TO PAY ATTENTION TO GOD AND DONT GET DISTRACTED FELLIE, THIS IS A BIG DISTRACTION BUT THE JUST SHALL BE JUST STILL… don’t get me wrong the virus is roaring, but God is in the midst of her she shall not be moved

    4. @Enos Farquharson don’t feel sad for educated peoples like me , feel sad for peoples like yourself who was brainwashed into a ideology that offer no historical or physical evidence just beliefs and faith ! Ask yourself when was the last time someone saw sweet Jesus and why isn’t there any physical or historical evidence of his existence or anyone in the bible can you tell me what dynasty did Moses come from? Can you show me a burial ground for 1 person in the bible? These are simple and easy questions for you Christians to answer?

    1. Lennisha Sinclair: “Right now a God alone can help us in Jamaica”. The question I would love to ask——–Where is ‘God’ at this moment in time, when unnuh needed him most??

      It appears quite obvious to me that unnuh ‘prayers’ not working. Or ‘God’ decided that him cyaan manage much more, suh him gaan tek a permanent nap. Just saying!!

    2. @avesha fuller So………..you are one of the many IDIOTS who believes that this invisible deity/entity/being exists!? Who is out there, ready to save this world from the varying disasters that awaits it!! Think again friend……….It won’t happen for as long as we live. Mark My Word!!

  2. I knew it long time we cannot depend on the government it looks like a we have to fix the roads in the community 🙀shame we need help to show the roads some love ❤️

    1. Well imo they do a good job in my community few weeks ago the road was stormed up by heavy duty trucks passing though (Bc the other roads was under maintenance ) and it was fixed 2 days after


  4. Been to Hyatt this summer and there was no social distancing. Was told it was empty, but when I got to the dining area—the lines were long with people right behind each other— same for entertainment. Some of the foreigners did not bother wearing masks. Just because people are vaccinated, doesn’t mean they cannot carry the virus.

  5. You need to charge the host of dream weekend. Their patrons were allowed to attend the party without mask so y r u trying to close the gate after the horse already gone through.

  6. Them need to let the people of jamaica know that the delta strain is spreading like wild fire…..it’s way more than 24 cases.

    1. Unless he’s going screw out some people’s legs and hang them where they can’t reach them. God may have to come down and put mask on everybody’s faces, mankind has been getting God’s grace and mercy and still stubborn and feel entitled. Why people can’t just be disciplined and stay off the streets and follow instructions?

    2. @Violetta Campbell what will staying off the streets do ? No one wants to die but the BIRTHRATE keeps rising. Death is the better part of the journey

  7. NZ lock down the country this week for 1 case of Covid imagine that! That’s called smart, civility, and conscious minded society.

    1. @Mel Johnson Okay my English teacher, I agree with your assessment of my comment.
      New Zealand and Cayman total different cultures from Jamaica,those countries have full employment and have a staple currency and a strong economies.
      Those countries don’t have the tribal politics like we have in Jamaica, We here in Jamaica are not about nation building we have a cut throat society masquerading as a nation.

    2. @Claudette Bennett Jamaica could too if not for our corrupt ,mental slavery culture and we can’t emulate good things.

    3. @Janice Morris Hardly anything good from our politics, no matter what they will tell us, Political power married to corruption and criminals,that is our politics right there,it’s been going on since independence.
      18 consecutive years of the PNP in government and look at their results and I am prepared to bet my last dollar give the JLP another 15 years in government and it will be the same at the end of their many terms.

    4. @Claudette Bennett it’s so sad to c our apathy. We seem to b at a point of no resolve or resolution to our present culture.

  8. Jesus take the case Delta Variant has been there spreading undercover for a while . I think this big party is a huge factor and not the corner shops as the leader once said.

  9. We will see a drop in covid19 cases when the billionaires who invested in the vaccines see their returns.

    1. No they are greedy they will release another virus 🦠🦠 because they want to get more billions the stupid government working for Satan

  10. So if they saw him on varonda how they got shot inside the house that make sense lady a swear sometimes the statement don’t make any sense

  11. Can someone find out for me how to report companies in America assigning Jamaica’s name to goods and foods just for people to buy them when no Jamaican had anything to do with their preparation or production. Case in point, WholeFoods a supermarket chain in Downtown Miami is selling “Jamaican Jerk Chicken”. When I enquired if the chicken was prepared by a Jamaican the individual from the store’s kitchen wryly told me no. The fact that our country is a Brand many people are using the name to enhance their businesses without giving royalty to the country.
    Another case worth noting , a year ago while I was watching an African movie on my computer I observed that one of the female actresses boasting a T- shirt with the flag as well as the name of the country.
    I watched keenly to see if there was any connection between the wearing of the shirt and the theme or scene that was in progress. Sadly, nothing of the sort was evidenced. I believe the Ministry of Culture need to employ the services of a specialized Social media watchdog team to streamline these practices in the global media marketplace so that our brand can be protected and we rightly receive the due royalty for the use of our name, ‘Jamaica’ and our culture.

  12. R.I.P to all the victims who lost their lives this morning. You will never be forgotten but you will be truly miss.

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