4 Dead in Motor Vehicle Crash | TVJ News - April 24 2021 1

4 Dead in Motor Vehicle Crash | TVJ News – April 24 2021


The police say the Honda Accord which was involved in last night's deadly crash along Marcus Garvey Drive near Industrial Terrace, Kingston was being driven by a 16 year old boy the driver Demar Patterson was among four persons who died in the crash.

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  1. Saaaaaaad saaaaaaad the bitter wail.. condolences to their famiy and friends.. l pray God’s comfort and strength in this time of grief..this is my prayer for all in grief too…sigh

  2. Same same same story. No positive role models. Bruk bad adults with no sense of responsible parenting, bruk bad pickney. No positive role models.

  3. That goes yo show the youth them no under no good guidance 16 Year old government say no party and your parent let you out the father should not even talk on camera

  4. SMH. At that age them feel them invincible. No more than two teenagers should be in a car when one is driving. They’ll get easily distracted and things like this will happen as they lack experience.

  5. Not sure what kind of party this was, but a 16 year old driving at night with friends after a party sounds like potential trouble. Young drivers are very susceptible to accidents.

  6. This is extremely sad, and very preventable, what were they even doing on the road those hours? everything about this was unfortunate, kids in Jamaica need REAL PARENTS! and actual community, we need to have the discussion again of how our culture should foster them into being disciplined and responsible and critically thinking.

  7. Really @M Palmer the light pole in the wrong place or is it the wreck less driver….the light pole deh pon the corner a mine it’s business and them come mash up the light pole and mash up themselves…. condolences to the Pole.

  8. “Live and let die”..That’s the tile of the famous rock and roll song..”Sixteen years old,is an inexperience driver..What he was doing is trying to impress his friends…how does any one cope with stupidity..Teenagers has a mind set ,we are in control of our own destiny…”Live and let die”..Listlen to the words of that song and take heed..Another one bite the dust;because of STUPIDITY “.


  10. Sorry that happened. My condolences to the families for your loss. They are gone too soon. In my country they always advise the community to have consideration on the road towards other drivers and yourself to practice these three “C’s” while driving CARE, COURTESY and CAUTION. So People please slow down take your time and you will get where your going safely.

  11. What is a 16years old doing at a party in a time of curfew!???
    His parents consented to having him attending this party!??
    Shouldn’t he be preparing for exams!!…. especially in a time like now when school seems to be one of the hardest task right now!!!

  12. Tvj, What I would like to be updated on news next time re this situation are, Whose car was it and what is the owner’s story? Was there a legal ageable licences driver in this vehicle? Because although they passed , the fact that it was after curfew hours, coupled up with the type of party the occupants were coming from, unfortunately, have persons putting their character under a microscope. But yeah, that’s a given, there’s no get away from the routine stuff…

    The other thing, since we are dealing with law and order… The people who were on the scene of the crash, (which were plenty) were they granted governments pass to be out after curfew hours? Or this question going to fall under the Jamaican “bad mind” and inhumane given that their possible disobedience became useful to the crash? I am asking on behalf of the Jamaican citizens whose vehicles were confiscated at daylight and will be charged, not just for attending the party but for being out after curfew.

  13. Why was this 16 years old out partying? What is happening to good parenting these days. It’s heart breaking. God knows best.

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