4 Dead in St. Catherine | Residents Living in Fear | TVJ Midday News – Mar 9 2022

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  1. When and how did our beautiful country ended up here😢😥🥲🥲😭😭. Our heart have to be bleeding.

    1. @maaruz1979 Four and five generations after it was started this is the results, the grandchildren of the political Dons of the 1970s are the crime bosses of today

  2. I pray that God brings peace to these areas and that he will remove the stony hearts of the people that there will be love not hate o Lord have mercy on your people why is it only the poor that are struggling and the rich live in peace Lord you are a God of justice please help your people in jesus name we pray amen♥️

  3. I’m not Jamaican, but sometimes it pains me to see a caribbean territory with such ignorance and violence. The government of Jamaica needs to invest more in education for its people.

    1. you think education is the remedy for this? how about a lawfully armed militia on behalf of residents

    2. @maaruz1979 And has that worked? Doesn’t the recruitment of JDF to assist the JCF in ZOSOEs constitute such a “militia” ? And after two yrs where are we?

    3. you are right, but part of the problem stems from people not knowing their rights, and these politicians take an advantage of this it is our constitutional right to bear arms, they are violating peoples constitutional rights here.

    4. Who told u it is education why crime is so high,lots of these criminals don’t care are want to be educated about anything. There are many educational institutions in Jamaica some even better than one’s in so-called first world countries. Being dunce is actually something lots of these criminals proud to be and say it boastful day in and day out.

  4. Look i am a farmer. Its really expensive. You cannot go to the farm stores . Now the higgler a tell you everything drop. I dont know how much longer some farmers going to stay in farming

  5. There is something that confuses me about the Covid Report TVJ does every day. They report the overall case count to be 128,246, total deaths as 2,835, total active cases as 346 and total recoveries as 78,996. So, what happened to the other 46,069 cases? (128,246 – 2,835 – 346 -78,996 = 46,069)

  6. That’s a dam war ZONE, until unnu give..up unnu families sons daughters & other relatives who are getting involved in criminal activities.
    But because unnu a benefit from the spoils.
    Most of unnu a one bunch of hypocrites [ iam only sorry for those who are truly not involved]😇

  7. Such cold , evil hearts. Satan has taken over these persons. Rendering evil to everyone in their path.
    Time to seek Jesus.

  8. Jamaican should go apply for license fire arm, whenever you pray and you do not get an answer right away. It is your constitutional right to bear arms to defend yourself against criminals.

  9. That’s a damn shame, people can’t even live in one peace because of vampire, thank God I leave Jamaica, crab inna barrel

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