4 Killed in Planters Hall - December 11 2020 1

4 Killed in Planters Hall – December 11 2020


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  1. Who let the devil in sweet Jamaica land lets all get together and get the old srrpent out by fasting and praying to our God he is waiting on us He will not force any thing on us have we not seen and heard enough evil its time to talk to the only one who can make things right again

    1. Jamaica believe Andrew holiness can save the country zoso can curve crime bro God they wanted this is the after effect of putting man before God Jesus Christ until Jamaica put away their idols and return to the God of heaven and earth this will not stop and I think nowadays people are too proud to call upon Jesus sad! But this is the beginning of sorrow too much foreign Gods are being introduced into our country and the people are blinded by the corrupted system that’s been set in place everyone won’t be saved but we of to pray for our families because the devil is like a Roaring lion and he won’t stop because the time is at hand

  2. Persons who kill pother persons, in the presence of persons who where not personally involved, but had illegal weapons on their person. And other persons who were not there in person but….
    Mi nuh know weh unuh a talk ’bout. Trying to sound learned. I tell you what, the bleaching cream must be permeating through the skin, and destroying Jamaica’s cranium

  3. It will always be killing down there on that island no education mental illness and they don’t care about life that is so sad Anderson kids growing up like that you are the vomit of the way you was born up

  4. Jamaica. Please. One day…. do not include ‘killing, murder, chopped, shot, explosion’ in an edition.

    Just ONE day

  5. Weh them have the dog them a Jamaica fa? Nuh fi find gun man? Just like when the gun man did kill the police them same way them can find the gun man them too who do this

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