4 Killed in Riverton City, Jamaica Shoot Out | TVJ News - July 20 2021 1

4 Killed in Riverton City, Jamaica Shoot Out | TVJ News – July 20 2021


Four men were shot and killed in Riverton City, Saint Andrew during an alleged shootout with the police. The incident happened close to the Sandy Gully Bridge in Jamaica.

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  1. Never understand why Jamaica always affi inna war. Unnu cyan just sidung one place and Mek peace? Fadda God

  2. A wah really a gwaan a Jamaica? Shoot out here, there and everywhere. My God man.
    Glad it wasn’t the police dead this time

  3. This might be a small thing but,the authorities need to come with a law to remove all zinc fences and no fences must or should be higher than say about 4ft for residential property. Just a thought, what’s your thought?

    1. I agree. The zinc fences are too tall . The government should look into this seriously 😒 Great observation

  4. What a shame. This can only get worst:Kill or be killed. Who’s responsible? The youths need a direction. Government fail.

    1. How has the Government failed? The Government has no bearing on the evil that exist in people’s hearts and mind. The criminals who are bringing certain parts of Jamaica, to its knees will not be helped by any program, jobs , rehabilitation absolutely nothing. These are people who have never been held accountable for anything, by their parents, friends or foe they are the ones who have failed.

  5. Sounds like the police were acting on good intel to intercept. Or just damn luck.
    What’s the one thing 87s hate? Police a pull up while dem a go pon ops!! Great job JCF

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