4 Killed in Riverton City | More PNP Controversy | Police and Gunmen Clash in Jamaica 1

4 Killed in Riverton City | More PNP Controversy | Police and Gunmen Clash in Jamaica

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  1. I wonder if the rebels of the PNP represent a majority in the party?It is obvious that they wanted to destabilize the whole thing .It’s been a long time since it was the “people’s party” maybe now is the time for creation of a third national party in Jamaica.

  2. Imagine unno nuh pay fi nuh land and want take ownership and build permanent structure. Unno damn bright. Go work money and buy the land like a normal person. Lawlessness has become too normalized in this country.

  3. That is what happens when there is not one stand out and respected leader in a party, everyone is fighting for power

  4. This quatters business has to stop you cannot take over people place and think it’s yours because you live there for so many years you have no rights period.

  5. But these people are sick how can you can just go on people land like that, eviction without warning and there should be no law to support these squatters…….

  6. You guys don’t own these lands but you place these structures there and do not expect the real owner to respond in kind ? Y’all have the money so go purchase a lot and build your dream home.

  7. JAMAICAN PEOPLE IT’S A SHAME to see all what has been going on, Now if You all Love JAMAICA WORK together IN LOVE FOR JAMAICA IN THE NAME OF JESUS

  8. Where is the air support for the police??? Says a lot about the so-called leadership in the country.

  9. This is so disrespectful to the people. Andrew holness is joking joking joking joking with crime in Jamaica. The minister of the security force in Jamaica is a big joke he’s a big joke you should be ashamed of yourself. Your doing zero about crime

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