4 Officers Who Responded To Jan. 6 Died By Suicide 1

4 Officers Who Responded To Jan. 6 Died By Suicide


Dr. Jim Gordon is the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, and has been helping law enforcement officers process the trauma of what they experienced during the attack on the Capitol. He joins Geoff Bennett to discuss what these officers are facing.
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  1. The cruelty of the Congresspeople to re-traumatize these officers, gas-lighting and betrayal of the first order, is obscene.

    1. @Wayne Cameron You Russian bots are everywhere… Never did I once say that the entire GOP party is corrupt.

      The fact that your nation needs to spread it’s propaganda to the far reaches of the US while struggling to grow your economy speaks volumes about your priorities.

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Just to be clear, you are staying that it was *republicans* who were *rioting* at the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6, 2021, and not blm/antifa. Is that what you truly meant to say?

    3. *4-years of Presidential Harassment*

      *Obama Spied on the Trump Campaign*

      *Trump Falsely Accused of Russian Collusion*

      *Years of the Russian Collusion SCAM*

      Partisan Railroad impeachment

      Months of Violent Liberal Rioting Encouraged by Democrats

      Widespread Voter irregularities

      and much, much, more

      *- Gave us Jan 6th*

  2. When the doctor said betrayal, I thought of the betrayal of fellow Americans attacking the United States Capitol Building and threatening everyone who worked their. But no, it was a more personal betrayal of their leadership (or lack thereof) and the betrayal of some of their fellow officers. A betrayal from start to finish and top to bottom…

    1. They were not ready, their job is compared to basic building security in my opinion. Those officers should have had extensive training in riot control and been well equipped. There is a lot of culpability in the leadership for sure. Nancy pelosi should be one of the main targets but she is not. Let’s have her explain why the capitol police were not ready for such a small onslaught of people compared to the actual numbers that were there that day. Imagine if everyone stormed the Capitol, no one would be around to tell their story.

    2. @Ted 80’s & 90’s yes, police already have a high suicide rate. Then factor this instance when they don’t get support from those that claim to support them the most the union and Blue lives matter twists. Same people that fly don’t tread on me banners next to a blue lives matter flag. When it’s the Police that are the government agency used to tread on your rights.

    3. @sal ortiz because that’s more important then the inciting of the attack on our Capital or Holding those that tried to overthrow a free and fair election accountable…

    4. @sal ortiz Nancy Pelosi has nothing to do with security – the onus for that is on the Sergeants-at-Arms and the Capitol Police Board. If you think Pelosi is to blame, then so should McConnell also, as Majority Leader at the time. Critical thinking and FACTS are necessary here.

  3. The police unions oddly silent about these guys, but they are stepping up to defend a police officer who was arrested in the coup.

    Protect and serve? Who exactly?

    1. @brian b the police officers who attended the event and attacked their fellow police officers instead of helping maintain order are the worst kinds of human beings.

    2. A coup? I think not… more like a few guys were caught in the moment.. and some undesirables joined them. The media lies all the time. How can anything they claim be taken at face value? I don’t believe a thing MSNBC says. Or CNN for this matter

    3. The issue here is that it is nearly impossible to root out the corrupt individuals. How would you identify a potential white supremecist in the police force? How would you identify a corrupt individual in the media? Politicians, businessmen… corrupt people are everywhere and are hiding the good cops with the bad deeds of the corrupt ones.

      “A bad apple spoils the bunch”. But how do you fix it? Especially when the majority of law enforcement and military are GOP supporters.

    1. The ones that cried during testimony need acting lessons.
      Everybody knows what is going on.
      That was no insurrection – the burning,looting,and murdering happened during the riots,..which were called ‘mostly peaceful’. Traitorous idiots,all of them.

    1. @Angela Siegfried you have comments all over like this. You have acute TDS get over it. You call everyone you disagree with Qanon.

    2. @Nicole Bass Do, you have publicly cried about Ashli Babbitt’s murder? Murder is different from suicide….unless, of course, the police officers were suicides as so many that have conflicting evidence to the Elite Democrat’s “reality”

    1. @traumaturgist SBI Oh, ya. They’re all over this. Whenever you see hundreds of downvotes you know Qanon is in the comment section because they believe “likes” and “dislikes” are factual evidence as to the truth about something. They coordinate downvoting videos for anything to do with the Biden admin and then point to it as proof that Trump must have won the election because there aren’t more likes. The mental gymnastics they have to do is quite remarkable.

    1. @Peter Pann Anyone still following the Cult of Trump refuses to think critically for themselves or otherwise.

    2. @BeatleJuice It’s not “my party” it’s “my country”. It’s our country. That’s the biggest gap I see here between our perspectives. When we can get past the whole blue vs red crud we can maybe unify? Guess it’s just a view from my high horse. What’s pathetic to me is your use of the word pathetic to another human when you claim to explain something. Think on it.

    3. How many officers commuted suicide during the summer of love? Why such a cluster from one event when nationwide our police officers were being demeaned by our media and not supported by politicians for months!


  4. 4 seasoned officers with over 50 years combined experience..after one riot ..within months of each other .

    This smells like big bs😂

    I saw no mass city dept suicides after the 1 year BLM riots ?

  5. I really appreciate the content of this clip and I think this doctor gives some really interesting insights and definition to feelings that witnesses and wounded police (or their friends/family/co-workers) might not be able to put words to.

  6. Why is there such a cluster with one event when nationwide our police officers have been under siege for months?

    1. umm… because they are not under siege? They wouldn’t have been so depressed if it was BLM who attacked them, but they jus t couldn’t handle the fact their hero Drumpf is a traitorous pig and his supporters betrayed them. That’s it. Betrayal

    2. @Topsy Crett Seriously brain-damaged, yes. MSNBC owes these people reparations for destroying their minds

  7. If that was an “attack “ that resulted in people having ptsd wtf did all those shop owners suffer after the riots burned their businesses last year?

    1. No one ever mentions the ones who died in the fray of riots in the cities of r nation in 2020 like children, babies, old people…..

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