4 Shot in Waterhouse | Bring Out The Crime Plan | TVJ Midday News – July 26 2022

4 Shot in Waterhouse | Bring Out The Crime Plan | TVJ Midday News - July 26 2022 1


    1. the first thing him hate poor people and a poor people put him ware he is, and the second thing him don’t have any plans to stop crime the only plan him have is when someone call up his name and a curse him out he know how to cash them, I could said a lot more but me going to leave it like that,

  1. Only the Jamaican people can make a change to what is going in Jamaica the prime minister must step down indecom must be scrap look a the time of the day these criminals on the road fireing guns the law in Jamaica is too soft with these insects

    1. Ignorant one will blame the prime minister who spend 90% of his time in office. We the people has to take a stand

  2. Government u need to step down honestly u or not helping the ppl , why u or so afraid to put stiff penalty in place for the gun boy?

    1. Good night I live in an island where we could sleep with our doors and windows open in the 70s 80s in still occurs now in some parts but things are changing everywhere

  3. True ,crime gone haywire no one is safe here in this country there need to be a better plan for crime ,trust me !

  4. Jamaica need change the country can’t continue this way, it doesn’t matter which party you support the truth is the truth crime and corruption is destroying the country, far get about love of politicians people on think about your country.

  5. Why has the news been cut short?
    No inclusion of sports news for a few days now even though the introduction mentions it.

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