4 Shot & Killed in West Kingston Jamaica | TVJ News - March 25 2021 1

4 Shot & Killed in West Kingston Jamaica | TVJ News – March 25 2021


The police have arrested two persons following the killing of several persons in the Kingston Western Police Division yesterday.

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  1. the guns too many guns coming into Jamaica has no room for so much these guns I think coming through the wharf and by sea too much crime in Jamaica I want to know why am not coming back to my home land too much crime corona spreading like crazy no body want to follow the rules off any law in Jamaica who is behind all these Jamaica is so beautiful yet we afraid to come home and visit we have a good PM did the police who the hell in there right mine want to shoot at the police no respect disgusting

    1. Nobdy not following no rules because of hunger smh it’s sad to see how the government keeps a blind eye to the crime of the country and ack as if crime isn’t dangerous in the country just watch and see later on all he’s elaborating about is vaccine vaccine take vaccine that he’s not taking but want us to take it smh

    2. the police need to catch these dangerous seriel killer rapest in port more area and hung them omg the young lady found dead with rope around her neck Jesus have mercy these men have to get catch and hung Jasmin dean never found such wickedness the female det need to dress under cover and catch them killers

    3. @Gaza nation White u think a joke. He’s running the country like we have no say in our lively hood.

  2. Mr prime minister this is wat killing off the poor people ok focus here ok and stop f up the country

  3. Jamaican people wake up stop from cursing your one another and turn your eyes to Jesus this is armageddon war spirit against spirit pray against the spirit not the person, am wondering where’s the church , you don’t have to congregate to pray

  4. Bloodletting continue to wreck havoc in Jamaica I pray for my little island Jamaica..I rampant crime will slow down soon.

    1. Slow down soon? You born a few years ago? Jamaica has consistently have over 1000 murders for 2 decades…wake up

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