$40 billion to cover compensation for First Nations kids included in fiscal update 1

$40 billion to cover compensation for First Nations kids included in fiscal update


Indigenous Services Minister Patti Hajdu discusses the $40B earmarked in the upcoming fiscal update as compensation for First Nations children.

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    1. I’m pretty sure billions were already paid for those kids and the residential schools … when do we stop paying?

  1. 40B……where is trudildeau getting all this money from? every time he opens his mouth it costs kanaduh billions….use to be millions he tossed around but now nothing but billions

    1. If you’re mad, blame the government for raping, beating and murdering all those kids. Don’t get mad at the victims.

    1. And zero dollars from the Catholic Church, Great deal, for the Catholic Church. Like the great Christopher said. ‘ you can get away with any thing as long as you do it in the name of religion. So sad.

    2. @Pat Brennan Catholic church is separate from our government. Though I agree, the Catholic church is far more responsible. But alas, religions deflect blame to others.

    1. “The past” i.e. less than 40 years ago. There are thousands alive today who were abused in your concentration camps.

  2. Why doesn’t the Federal government just annually broadcast them burning a gigantic pile of money instead?
    It would serve the same purpose.

    1. Residential schools closed in the 1980s. Many thousands are alive today who were raped and beaten in government run “schools”. So that’s not 100 years ago.

    2. @Jack Isaak yes but how is that our faults? and why should we pay more tax and increase our country’s debit and cause more inflation right now, why was this compensation not given years ago

  3. We’ve been giving truck loads of money for decades. I know, let’s try $40,000,000,000 more! That should do the trick!

    Now the current generation gets to pay for the horrible actions of the past, which will only breed resentment and more problems for all.

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