40 COVID-19 cases linked to Quebec karaoke bar 1

40 COVID-19 cases linked to Quebec karaoke bar


There are now 40 cases of COVID-19 linked to a karaoke bar in Quebec City, and the outbreak has spread to three schools.

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    1. @Cobalt
      My family lived through communism.
      We know!
      The Chinese government does not value human life and human freedom.
      Its factual!
      Go chew on a bone

    2. @BZ one Lmfao, I thought you were joking, but now I’m not sure. You can’t be serious!! No one is that dumb.

    1. Crave, you don’t care that 6000 Quebecers and 10,000 Canadians have died from this while places like this spread it woefully? WTF is wrong with you?

  1. When are you going to do a report on the CDC numbers stating only about 6% of the actual CoViD deaths were a direct result of CoViD.

  2. Nope. Just a contract tracking advertisement. It’s an invisible flu that’s been around for at least 6 months. Enough money spent on this Liberal side show.

  3. Government: Casinos and bars open!
    Also Government: churches, farmers markets, sporting events closed due to social distancing.
    The hypocrisy and lack of common sense is why I do not trust the government.

    1. @xt hydra At the beginning of all this I watched a woman on tv in the states driving home from church say that she won’t get covid because she has the blood of jesus running through her. Please Jesus, go ahead and take her.

    2. Will you trust a government that legalize and promote a drug you smoke proven to be worse then cigarette on your lungs?

  4. “Karacovid” when will this tyranny end? Next week : a sexshop accidentally introduced covid to user of a glory holes recommended by the BC disease control center by trying to clean it with lubricant.

    In the mean times millions of Canadian suffer from excessive measures.

  5. So who smeared cojines 19 in the bar ? I BET the owner thought the virus was made up to put small businesses out of business

  6. Seems weird that covid is only in bars never in Walmart or superstore.Fake tests fake results fraud more like it.

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