45 In Trouble? DOJ Rattled Trump Allies With Key Riot Ruling 1

45 In Trouble? DOJ Rattled Trump Allies With Key Riot Ruling

Republican Congressman Mo Brooks is being sued by a Democratic colleague over a speech he gave to the MAGA crowd just hours before the insurrection. This comes as the DOJ is paving the way for Trump officials to testify under oath about the insurrection. Former federal prosecutor Nick Akerman joins MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the development. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. If mo brooks’ words are not an incitement to attack the Capitol, then I forgot how to speak English.

    1. @Eric Klaus you’re not getting it, nobody said it was completely peaceful! When you look at the numbers and consider the number of protests that occurred and that those protests were around 95% peaceful that’s a huge percentage of peace considering again the amount of protests. The rioting and vandalism has been and should be condemned, but to try and compare that to what happened at the Capitol is silly. Think about it this way, the Capitol insurrection had 5 deaths and 30 million in damages for ONE event, that’s a quarter of the number of deaths(25 according to you)you say were in total from the thousands of protests for over a year for social justice. The vandalism totals are 1.9 billion apart, which is a lot and shameful, but trying to equate a somewhat reasonable “acting out” by american citizens given the deaths of unarmed black men which the whole world saw and are sick of, to that of violence and death perpetrated by a big LIE at our Capitol to undermine our democracy while yelling “hang Mike Pence” and “Nancy, where are you” is apple to oranges and a outrageous attempt to conflate the 2

  2. After crying wolf long enough the lies stop being effective. Looks like the neo-confederates, I mean Republicans, are going to have to stand on their actions. Good luck.

    1. @theron gentille • They’ve been told this over and over again. They don’t want the facts. They prefer to live in their own make believe trumpland.

    2. @Rodney Bean Ya, by stealing children from their parents, putting them in cages, then scattering them throughout the country. There are still 100s unaccounted for. Shameful draconian measures to discourage immigration. Trump is a monster.

    3. @Kat loves dogs Biden has signed more executive orders than any other president that has been in office for the same amount of time that is my complaint. Every president signs executive orders. As far as my spelling goes will you please forgive me I was born with dyslexia. I don’t care what people say or think if somebody asks a question or comment I try to answer. So did I satisfy your curiosity. I still don’t care what people say or think.

    1. I just read that andthis is the first time I’ve seen a big portionof that incitement. If he heard there would be violence to the point of wearing body armor, why didn’t he tell anyone? Or did he tell Agent Orange and the reply was “good”?

    2. @Ville Schütt so what he himself said was that he had body armor and that he wore the windbreaker to hide it

    3. @TheTrishalyn He didn’t have to tell Agent Orange, Agent Orange is the one who organized the whole insurrection, so he absolutely knew.

  3. Mo Brooks reminds us when Joseph Goebbels was asking “ Do you want to Total War?” (. German= Wollt Ihr den totalen Krieg?

    1. @ᛉC. Ó Dubhlaoichᛉ i am a fiscal conservative, and dont agree with the extended unemployment- but unfortunately I agree that “some” dont want to work- but what I am referring to is the job openings that were everywhere even before the pandemic- in Entrance level jobs”. I saw hiring signs in many of those businesses before Covid- BTW
      I am not a D or an R.

    2. @Donna Brown Politics is evil, bribery, coercion, extortion, racketeering, black mail, pagan worshipping.
      You just dont want to repent.
      Athiests have no strategies to stop corruption.

  4. Brooks did inspire the Riots you would have to be blind and with total hearing loss to say other wise and now does not want to be charged hes nuts too.

  5. And many didn’t even bother to vote. Now those who have been caught are going to lose their rights to vote and own fire arms. I don’t think they understand the irony of their actions.

    1. @Kaye Wilkins high prices are due to having a worldwide economy being shutdown due to COVID-19!! The biggest factors is the container shortish from 1: the factories in China that make containers being shutdown 2: the containers that the USA received not being sent back due to covid protocol! Btw these policies were being done while 45 was in charge! The next biggest factor is supplies and demand! Due to the economy opening up we now have a shortage of goods due to the policies put in place last yr…. don’t worry because prices will stabilize in the next few months. P.S. stop with the fear mongering conspiracy nonsense and deal with actual facts

    2. @Linda Smith you think the dems want laws for everyone god help ya. They bailed out the rioters one was 65000 and the burned distorted and killed they got nothing. The dems are holding people who enter the capital with mistameaners remember the house belongs to the people. They wanted to voice their opinion on the floor and weren’t allowed. Talk about laws for everyone. It’s l awa for me but not for thee

  6. This is a guy on the list of political representatives/senators who were behind the Jan 06, riot. There are no excuses. He set it up with Trump team. The other guy is that creepy Texas Rep. “G—“

  7. All who caused this revolution must be jailed…no bail…must rest in jail awaiting trial

    1. I wish that was the case but we all know absolutely _nothing_ is going to come of this. Just like Matt Gaetz not facing a single consequence for his little underage fiasco….funny how it faded into media history, never to be considered again.

  8. Mr Akerman just made me deeply happy. Part of his argument is that the DOJ won’t defend Brooks on this because it “would be crazy in the extreme”. That means we are in an Administration that will not do the “extremely crazy” option just because it would be extremely crazy. And isn’t that a luxury.

  9. A House Representatives job is to pass legislation on behalf of his constituents not be a cheerleader for advocating violent overthrow of the government.

    1. If that’s true let’s see the democrats in the same boat. You people think your so perfect no love greater than to your self.

    2. @michael nolast Senator Al Franken stepped down because of a sexist joke. Gaetz “sleeps” with teenagers and hopes to get away with it. There is a difference in regards to self interest. Patriotism means nothing to the party of insurrection. People who regard vaccination during a pandemic as a violation of personal freedom are called Republicans. Do you not want to see an end the Covid-19? Do your part, slacker. P.s. You mean you’re not your.

  10. We allowed ourselves to be distracted. It’s time we stop the hand wringing and step up to save our Republic. The American people will be the salvation. |

  11. About time Mo Brooks should be prosecuted…. it sounded like he was inciting a group of people.

    1. @trump clearlywon under tre45on there were no people of color working in the west wing of the Whitehouse for the first time since the Reagan adminstration!! Yes Biden is racist against racist!

    2. @Bill Thompson – Let’s hide his GPS out of spite! Poor guy would be lost in that room forever!

    3. @trump clearlywon Oh, my dear! How proud you must be of your effort to express an example of rapier wit. And you were able to do it with only two words so it wouldn’t totally exhaust your right-brain capabilities for composition as well!
      Yes, dear, go on and pat yourself on the back for coming up with a complete “burn” on Biden. Careful, though, you might break an elbow doing it.
      So proud your mother must be.
      ‘bye now

  12. It’s unbelievable what mo brooks was yelling thoses people listening had been led for months and lied to I can only say there must be accountable

    1. Even more how is that him just “doing his job”? Their is just no level to how low they will go.

  13. why would anyone think that testifying “Under Oath”, would mean that they will tell the truth. Clearly their “oaths” mean nothing to them

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