5 Alleged Wanted Men Killed by Police in August Town, Jamaica | TVJ News - March 10 2021 1

5 Alleged Wanted Men Killed by Police in August Town, Jamaica | TVJ News – March 10 2021


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  1. You this is problem in jamaica , the residents protect these criminals thats why they can reign so long

    1. Dem ago protect dem pon camera but deep down dem prolly happy. Caz Yk certain areas yuh caah rejoice seh yuh don dead caz dem prolly dirt yuh

    2. Well yeah our community (the black community) has a habbit of protecting the criminals that tries to kill them, perhaps out of fear or loyalty, possibly both.

    3. @Kimani r Nah bruh I see this everywhere. Families and parents often fail to take responsibility when they find out that their child got killed doing a crime. They’re just showing one of the reasons why the child became a criminal in the first place.

  2. These young 87 just think been bad is kool well their on them way to meet them maker …. badness is not cute

  3. That’s what I’ve been wanting to hearing because then yutes yah a get out of hand . Live by the gun you die by it . It’s that simple

  4. Wanted or not he camping in bushes with gun’s, they are apart of the problem in jamaica and that kind of mother too

    1. Fi real a them a mess up August Town. That place use to have the best jerk men and women in the corner. The best food restaurants. Them bwoy cause it to lack down because a dem nonsense.

    1. Exactly my point, she knew the nature of her son, that he’s robbing the lives of others, you could say it’s a family allegiance but at the cost and killing I have no such love for family..those need to be cut off from the tree with their poisonous branch.

    1. @Janese Murray Im not an agent my friend i just happen to be a citizen of Jamaica living in the U. S and hope to come back to my country to live one day ok and I don’t want to come home to such a crime ridden country bottom line we are tired of it ok

  5. That is always the words out of a mother’s mouth even though she knows damn well that her son is a wanted man…and he’s been doing wrongs all this time

    1. What do you call mother those are care givers and baby carriers. Those cant be call mother and put up with slackness

    2. Sometimes them want to speak the truth but them fraid the rest a gang come kill an bun them out cause them nuh have no were else to go a tht life she use to but mi feel sey way down inner nuff a these mothers heart sometimed them feel good sey them get dash wey cause them tired an scared but some run them hand inner fire fi them evil kids but every ting have a end them do too much.

  6. I remember my mother telling my brothers that when they follow company and get their self in trouble she will do the first visit at the lock up and any other trouble they face they are on their own the second time they get in trouble my mother never turned up so they stop giving trouble after that. That’s what you call a mother.

    1. Great speech made by your mother. That needs to be replicated by other mothers across the entire country.

  7. Mi naah swear fi people it could a mi family . Sometime dem look so innocent and you don’t know what they are doing especially at nights. Smh

  8. yes big up jcf and jdf. kill out the germs dem. I’m behind this 100%. I’m happy that not everyone in the community shares the same view as the woman that was interviewed.

    1. Love to see 5 a day dead time fi police kill dem out judge a give gun man 9 months when u have a gun must people u a kill so any one with illegal gun no less than 35 years dem must time for us to show gun man a the law run things

  9. When police kill drm rahtid innu ready yo say dem innocent and not wanted. Whrn the nastiness dem kill the police or innocent civilians unnu mouth shut….Well done officers!!!!! Nice one keep up the goid work

  10. Then how that mother just lost her son and is so calm no tears no emotional tantrum
    You know more than you saying

  11. These men have to be killed when you feel you want to rule a nation under their own garrison laws.

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