5 Enemies of America Hacked Clinton Server! FBI Seeking Indictment of Hillary! 11/2/16

5 Enemies of America Hacked Clinton Server! FBI Seeking Indictment of Hillary! 11/2/16

FBI agents have been getting an avalanche of evidence showing pay to play with the Clinton Foundation, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the State Department. FBI agents leaking information say they are seeking an indictment of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Investigation Update – November 2, 2016



  1. PAY4 PLAY Is the beginning. The focus is the sex TRAFFICKING, Pedophilia@

    1. Miguel Flores : Yes and to think most of Hollywood support these pieces of
      garbage!!! There are a few that don’t – Woody Harrelson for one. Always
      loved him. I sincerely hope that if and when this nightmare ever ends that
      Hollywood will be impacted for their sick loyalty to this unprecedented
      evil. People like Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Jay-Z/Beyonce especially.
      They are on top of the pyramid. They are sell outs against the people that
      bought their cds and went to their concerts. Once indictments start
      happening, they owe the good people of America and the world a huge apology
      and more…..and yes I realize it goes further than that. Bohemian Grove,
      Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bilderbergs etc. They all need to go!!!!!

    2. Agree Steve but Soros representative in Australia PM TURNBULL is now
      threatening to increase the intake …..We will win with you guys if the
      Clinton go to prison ! Then kick these Soros & Goldman Sachs out of our
      country !

    3. CORRECT! … Unfortunately..I think this goes horribly parabolic..and it
      does not turn out any where near what we’d all hope for…I don’t think
      klintons will ever see the jail or prison..I think we see them flee the
      country..and they dump a life time of “dirt” they’ve collected on all their
      brethren scum in DC. I think they dump it..and they all try to
      scatter..chaos erupts in US Gov..and oschlammbama gets to do what everyone
      thought he’d do… “stay in place”. He doesn’t need our pesky vote or our
      permission..he doesnt need a 3rd term.. he can extend the current
      term…he can do this via exec order..

    4. +LiLBlossom .I watched a YOUTUBE vid.Obama inviting Rapers ,Drug
      traffickers@SINGERS to the White House event, it is disgusting

    5. +Miguel Flores : Yes, it’s beyond disgusting. It’s like a bad dream that
      you can’t wake up from…😞

  2. just to see her publicly humilated and embarrassed, stripped of everything,
    shoved in a dilapidated community in the projects with min wage job and $75
    per month in food stamps id be good jail or death would be easy way out.

    1. emma wright Actually, death wouldn’t be the easy way out cause she’s going
      to hell and I understand that it’s the worse punishment of all, for all
      eternity no less. I say, send her to the ultimate and just judge God, let
      Him deal with her! She has alot more to fear than just we the people!

    2. true. But, she needs to see-feel, go through what so many of the 99%
      have-are going through first…. she’ll die. She wouldn’t be able to stand

  3. It’s simple arrest of Clinton family and Loretta Lynch for treason and
    espionage. Who is to say them other devices wasn’t sold rather lost or
    destroyed. They need to revoke there clearance to this country’s secrets.
    They should also disqualify her as a candidate for presidency of this
    country. The Clintons for prison just for a start. Anyone who was fighting
    for the Clintons and hiding the facts should be considered as well for
    prison. Vote Trump for change, make this country great again! 👍🚝🇺🇸😎

    1. We will never see such a thing occur.. What we will see is the taillights
      of private jet scurrying off down runways, to undisclosed/secret locations.
      And it wont be just da klintons.! Wait till the klintons dump their
      personal dirt katra they’ve collected of all their brethren DC
      scum..they’ve collected for many, many years.. THEY WILL ALL TRY TO SCATTER.


  5. off course,they hack all the strength locations power plants, etc here in
    usa, so they can blow it all up like 911,then people panic, war begins,
    hardships starts, the corrupt govt takes over, so they now own america,
    smart move, but, will we let them?

    1. ima alien Lets pray that those brave patriotic Americans in our
      intelligence agencies (I understand it was primarily our military
      intelligence agencies, God bless them) who have and are working to take
      them down, continue. They are the true heros of our nation. As I understand
      it, it was a group of Generals that approached Trump and convinced him to
      run for President. They told him he was our last and only hope of getting
      our country back. He didn’t want to do it at first. Thank God they
      convinced him otherwise! Now we have to focus on not letting them steal the
      vote which is well underway! Get a copy of how your vote was reflected and
      take a picture or vid of you casting that vote while you are in the booth.
      Pray they don’t accomplish the steal cause I fear that’s when things’ll get
      really nasty, America isn’t gonna accept the theft!

  6. please throw Hillary Clinton in jail she’s very corrupted this is not good
    for the country and the people

  7. She sold America to the enemy for money and some of you still want to make
    her your President. What a no brainer for the voters. Trump is the only

  8. good bye eric holder, lorreta lynch, good ridance, the Lord works in
    mysterias weeeners. we live in times when the truth is stranger than
    fixion. the teenage girl being text weeenor shots is a national hero. she
    has saved all living flesh on the world. the fbi and DPJ always knew
    everything. they have been hacking since the conception of WiFi and
    internet. the love of money is the root of all evil. vipers evil frogs in

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