5 hospitalized, dozens displaced after fire tears through Vancouver building

Five people were hospitalized and dozens more were displaced after a fire tore through a mixed-use building in Vancouver's Gastown neighbourhood Monday, damaging much-needed units of low-income housing.

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    1. I live next door and hear the fire alarms going off at the middle of the three SROs almost every day. I don’t see anyone leave and half the emergency lights don’t turn on

    2. @Geoffrey Abubakary I’m in a BC Housing building and it’s the same. False alarms at least a few times a month. Junkies in the stairwells go out the fire doors, causing the alarm to go off. Only a handful of times in 10 years was there actually smoke. Either from a dirty oven, or someone’s bed smoldering from a cigarette. If it doesn’t turn off after 15 minutes, it’s time to leave. Fire department usually turns out off within 10 to 15 minutes.

  1. Frankie-𝔽**БК ΠœΠ• - БНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Π β„πŸ˜π”½π•€π•ƒΠ•πŸ’› says:

    This is tragic, yet not surprising, this entire area has been crying out for help for years.

  2. “Historic Building” is just another term “Building That Should Be Condemned”. This is what the city gets for limiting the height of buildings and making difficult to modernize structures!

    1. Ran the Metropole on Abbot St. around the corner. guys would pass out (alcohol; pot; worse( with something on the stove. MOST of these buildings have been upgrade with all kind of govt. grants over the decades. But stupidity? Hard to wipe out. Wtf is the address of this building.?? I would know it very well.

  3. One of Supportive House, I guess. Unfortunately, it is impossible to serve this kind of facilities properly. Residents are constantly destroying fire alarm devices. Very sad. But not surprised

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